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Minette won't leave -- have I missed something?

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  • Minette won't leave -- have I missed something?

    I am at the end of the game and I need to put the propeller in the column in Minettes studio. I have tried calling everybody and moving to the next day but nothing seems to be working. All that is left on my checklist is to figure out what the code from the M380 means, figure out what to do with the key I found, use the vanes, and keep an eye out for the machine in Noisette's notebook (which I think must be a glitch because I have already found and used it), and explore the moulin to find clues for the threats, which I think I have done pretty thoroughly. What am I missing? I have solved the park puzzles, used the decoder and opened the dodo box but she still won't leave!

    *Nevermind, I just forgot to look at the magazine!*
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