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DDI review, from someone who likes to be spooked

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  • DDI review, from someone who likes to be spooked

    Good day ladies and gents...

    From the perspective of a horror lover

    I'll let you know ahead of time I really enjoy when a game is freaky, weird, or scary. This won't be too useful if you don't like those elements. By the way: for the brief rundown at the end, 1/5 means really terrible; 2/5 is bad; 3/5 is just alright or normal; 4/5 is good; and 5/5 is really perfect.

    Technical issues: I played this on Windows 7. I don't remember there being any problems. My mouse might have stuck a couple of times.

    Setting: I like the gloomy fog that's always surrounding Nancy. Reminds me of a certain other line of games and I almost expected to see a a guy with a triangular head and huge knife. Anyway, it was nice to have a sort of beach location without it being bright and happy.

    Music: The music was really subtle and fit well with the surroundings. I especially like the "Mystery" track (it starts out with a piano, if you're trying to find it.) It has kind of an eerie feel. The music at the end is good and intimidating too.

    Puzzles: There are a few too many chores in this game for my liking (read: any chores at all) so that's not too great. Overall the puzzles and games were alright. There was a lot of decoding, which was fun, but not everyone likes it. There were also some nice puzzles with the GPS.

    Gameplay: Maneuvering around in this game is kind of strange. There's a tunnel, which is kind of easy to get lost in, and while kayaking, even with a GPS, it takes a while to get used to the layout.

    Characters: The characters seemed a little lacking. They weren't all that dynamic and we never found out more about them than what we already know. We barely get to talk to Katie, which irked me, because she was the main focus (wait, wasn't she?)

    Plot: The plot was fairly simple. Everyone has a different opinion on what to do with the orca whale. So everyone (sort of) has a motivation for causing trouble. The plot was pretty much getting sidetracked to figure out who.

    Cheesiness: Good lack of cheese, besides for Whale World and Holt Scotto's not-quite-rhyming motto, "Vote for Holt." The game gave a glimpse of real-life politics, in the fact that whenever there's an issue, everyone has a different opinion, and they'll voice it.

    Overall, how fun it was: This game was pretty fun. I enjoyed figuring out the puzzles and talking to a particular phone friend.

    Overall, how scary it was: The game wasn't too spooky or creepy, but towards the end it does force the player to feel the element of danger.

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 4/5. A little mouse-sticking.
    Setting: 5/5. Gloomy and cold.
    Music: 4/5. Went along well with the setting.
    Puzzles: 3/5. Your average ND game.
    Gameplay: 3/5. I got lost. Quite a bit, actually.
    Characters: 2/5. Needed more development.
    Plot: 3/5. Simple and effective.
    Cheesiness: 4/5. Never overbearing.
    Fun factor: 4/5. Fun, most of the time.
    Scare factor: 4/5. Better than most ND games.
    TOTAL SCORE: 36/50. That's 72%. This was a good game. The atmosphere felt very oppressive and real. The music was eerie. This is a good game for people who like creepy games, but it's not as shocking or frightening as others. It might be a good game to start with if you haven't played many before.
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    Creepiness game reviews:
    Very scary: SAW, 94%, MHM, 88%, and CAP, 80%
    Sorta-scary: CRY, 72%, DDI, 72%, and CUR, 67%
    Not so scary: DOG, 60%, CAR, 58%, TRT, 57%, and ASH, 50%
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    This is probably one of my favorite games to replay in the series. Great review.