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~Danger on Deception Island~ A review by Lucy

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  • ~Danger on Deception Island~ A review by Lucy

    ~Danger on Deception Island~
    A review by Megan


    The plot, I thought, was extremely well done, and I could tell it was carefully thought out. The setting was awesome, and I didn't notice any romance of any kind, which is great.
    All the characters were amazing and very hard to figure out. I seriously had no clue who the culprit was. There was a bit of each of them that made you still want to suspect them.

    The same as the other to things. Wonderful music! Some were happy, and some were not, while some games like FIN had scary music all the way through.


    The ending was the best I have ever seen. It was scary, and you had to do a lot of sneaky things. The culprit was so not who I suspected.
    I would give this game an automatic 10/10. It was amazing. If only every game could be as good as this one.

    Thank you for looking at my review.

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    Great review! Short and to the point! I liked the game, too!
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