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Facing the Danger on Deception Island!

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  • Facing the Danger on Deception Island!

    Danger on Deception Island
    A FancyNancy16 Review

    Plot: Our favorite detective gets invited by Katie Firestone, a friend of George’s, to visit Deception Island and enjoy Katie’s boat and whale-watching excursions! Upon Nancy’s arrival, she finds that Katie’s boat has been vandalized. Recently, Deception Island residents have been split over what to do about an orphaned Orca living in the harbor. Katie has made some people mad over her view of what to do about the orphaned whale, and perhaps one of them took out their anger on Katie’s boat, hindering her business and ability to check on the whale. Nancy gets to kayak around the harbor, explore secret passages, and find out the island’s secrets while getting to know the colorful inhabitants! Plus, the location is a beautiful marine environment. Obviously the graphics are not exactly what they are today, but this game is still exceptional and the scenes are beautiful.
    Plot rating: 10/10

    The characters in this game are Katie Firestone, Holt Scotto, Jenna Deblin, and Andy Jason. Jenna owns the local café, Holt is a fisherman who is running for Harbormaster, and Andy owns a competing whale watching business and has been trying to buy Katie’s business out. Most of them disagree with Katie’s views on what should be done with the whale. All these characters are colorful, realistic, and believable, as well as highly entertaining. They bring a small town feel to the game, and make you feel like you’ve been around forever. There is a good amount of interaction with each of them, and they were all fun to talk with.
    Character rating: 10/10

    Setting: I love the setting for this game! Anything with boats, whales, and beaches makes for a beautiful and fun game! Also, I liked the whale world exhibit, with the games and the information about whales. I love the classic ND games, including this one, that is rich with facts and history, yet is fun and entertaining at the same time.
    Setting: 10/10

    Length: For passive play, this game took me about 3 days, which to me is about reasonable. I love to stretch the game out as long as it will last, as they’re all so amazing, and nothing is more disappointing than when it ends short and you feel that there should be more!
    Length: 10/10

    Puzzles: The puzzles in this game are not the hardest they could possibly be, but still challenging. Perhaps they seem easy now since I’ve replayed this game so many times. Overall, this rating is based on difficulty, compared to the other ND games.
    Puzzle Difficulty: 4/10

    Music: Amazing music, as always with classic ND games! I never got tired of the music and loved it all. There was light, airy, fun music for kayaking and visiting the Hot Kettle Café. ND music did not disappoint in this game!
    Music 10/10

    Ending: The ending was very good; however it was slightly short. The final task is very clever and I loved it, but the ending didn’t take very long and I prefer when the ending is a little more drawn out. However, the cleverness of the ending made up for it.
    Ending: 9/10

    I faced the Danger on Deception Island and found out its secrets! This is one of the classic Nancy Drew games, with good reason! If you are picking out a game to re-play or starting a new one for the first time, consider Danger on Deception Island!
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    Love this review!!!I enjoyed this game as well :)
    I found the Secret of the Old Clock
    I faced the Danger on Deception Island
    I heard the Secret of Shadow Ranch
    I caught the Phantom of Venice
    I traveled on the Trail of the Twister
    I received Warnings at Waverly Academy
    I released the Captive Curse
    I found the Alibi in Ashes
    I heard the Silent Spy
    I found the Shattered Medallion
    I sailed the Sea of Darkness


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      FancyNancy16, great review! I agree with just about everything. I love this game! It's one of my favorite's.

      Great job!
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