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DDI Review - An all-time favourite

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  • DDI Review - An all-time favourite

    DDI is one of my favourite Nancy Drew games and one that I've played many times. I hadn't played in years so this kind of felt fresh to me as I didn't really remember most of it!

    Plot: I really enjoyed the plot itself, there is a lot to uncover and you truly don't know what direction the story is going in until it's there. The mystery and crime itself was absolutely stellar. However even though by the end you've figured out what's going on and why, it's still not really clear who the culprit is or why they, out of all the characters, would necessarily be the one behind it, which I thought was a downside. The game should have spent a little more time dropping hints that established motive.
    Rating: 9/10

    Puzzles: Pretty good. They were fairly easy, I didn't get stuck on a single one, but I have played it before so I might have been subconsciously remembering hints. There are a few puzzles that you can just guess on, potentially without evening knowing the clues. The upside is that there plenty of them, so the game doesn't go too quickly or get too boring. DISCLAIMER: I love difficult puzzles. If you prefer a smoother ride, this game will probably be good for you.
    Rating: 8/10

    Atmosphere: I love the setting and music in this game. Lively and authentic. Everything fits together perfectly. No complaints.
    Rating: 10/10

    Gameplay: I must say I really love that this game has a checklist that automatically checks things off. Instead of having to guess whether you've adequately completed a task, it just lets you know when you're done with something. Some complain that travelling (biking, kayaking) takes too long, but there are definitely worse games for that. It really didn't take that much time in my opinion and in fact I kind of enjoyed it.

    Ending: I love the ending to this game. It was actually the one thing remembered clearly about DDI, because of how much I enjoyed it, especially the orca's involvement. The crime in this game is one of the best. Some of the games have that Scooby-Doo-esque quality in which the crime is something convoluted and over-the-top, but in this game, it's elegant and compelling. My complaints would be that it would have been better if we had gotten more time at the final location and gotten to look around and find more evidence to actually tell us who the culprit was and really wrap the mystery up on our own instead of just having Nancy explain it all to us in her letter to Ned.
    Rating: 9/10


    Nope! Nobody ever jumps out at you in this game and despite exploring a couple abandoned places, the creepy meter is pretty much 0.

    Reminds me of?
    ICE, SHA

    Overall: 9.2/10