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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I gave this game an automatic 10. It is absolutely my favorite game out of all 26. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes nature, intrigue, scenery, puzzles, and snooping. This was a fantastic game, Her. Here is a link to my review if anyone would like to read it:

    ~Danger on Deception Island~ A review by Megan

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    • A Good Game

      I'd give it a seven or eight..I really enjoyed it, but certain puzzles and finding certain things can be really aggravating. It did have a really good plot though, and a believable motive, unlike a few other games.

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      • I thought it was a 10. :) I really like it.

        I thought the setting and being out on the water was so pretty.


        • I really liked danger on deciption island, But I wish there was more scarey things. My rating would be a 7 or 8


          • Really Fun

            I really, really liked this game and its now one of my favorites. I like the way the ending played out, and even though I wanted to use some spoiler hints from other websites, I tried to stick with it and was able to figure things out on my own! I also liked that there weren't too many puzzles. Too many puzzles really start to bug me. I gave it a 10!


            • I loved this game 9/10. The settings great. ***edited*** The charicters were ok I wished their was more charicter developement.the puzzles were just right. Not to hard or not to easy. This was one of my first game that I played and it's still one of my favorites.
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              • I gave this game a 10. this is definitely one of my favourite Nancy Drew's I could play this game over and over again!!
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                • One of my favourites

                  Loved it - I gave it a 10!
                  On my top 3 ND game list!

                  I really liked the plot and the places we got to explore in the game. And the characters as well, most of all Hilda!
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                  • I rate this game 8/10 because I still found it interesting and fun but it's not what I was expecting.
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                    • 9/10

                      Oh how I loved this game! Location, location, location! Going out on the water should be much more frequent for Nancy Drew Games. All of the nautical lessons were cool too :) There wasn't much suspense, but the overall plot and characters make up for it! A great game.


                      • I gave this game a 10/10. It was the first Nancy Drew game I played, back in 2009(?), I think. It will always be my favorite. It originally caught my attention because I love whale and sea life and learning about them.


                        • I gave it a 9/10. I absolutely love this game and the only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10 was because it was a little bit easy. But other then that, great location, great mystery, great music, great characters....!
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