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My [Spoiler-Free] DDI Reveiw

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  • My [Spoiler-Free] DDI Reveiw

    Danger on Deception Island
    A review by Tigeress_10

    Plot: The plot of this game is probably not its strongest point. It's one of those games where there is hardly a cohesive mystery to solve at first, but some incidents come together to form one and there is definitely a culprit. You do get a mystery within the first few minutes, however this isn't the plot of the game itself. I usually heavily dislike games that do this, but I think DDI pulls it off well, while still managing to be fun. 7/10

    Setting/Theme: I'm a big fan of the setting for this one. A nice little island in the Pacific--very creative. They went all out with a nautical theme on this one, too, with kayaking, the lighthouse, morse code...all of that. Very good. 8/10

    Characters: Katie Firestone is George's friend and the woman you're staying with. However, you have minimal character interaction with her, and it's a little strange--she doesn't say much to you the entire time you're there. Thankfully, everyone else you interact with knows her and has a definitive motive to cause her trouble. These characters (Holt, Andy, Jenna) spend a little more time talking to you and having you preform tasks for them, and are in general more memorable. I thought they were good characters, and the people you talk to on the phone are interesting as well, especially Hilda. 8/10

    Puzzles: I always have the walk-through running (I know, I know...) so I can't really comment on the difficulty of the puzzles, other than the fact that I didn't need to refer to the walk-through that much, so I guess they were pretty easy. And they were all enjoyable, I can tell you that. Most of them, again, tied into the nautical theme and I didn't mind the clam-searching. Really, for every game there's usually one puzzle that drives me completely out of my mind, and for this one, it would have to be the bookcase one you do in the beginning, similar to the plant one in CUR and repeated with books again in CRY. But even that was enjoyable--and the scavenger hunt you take part in towards the middle doubly so. One of my favorite parts of all the games. 8/10

    Music: I LOVE the music in this. Again, it's nautical, cheerful, and really makes you feel like you're on an island. The slightly more 'creepy' theme is great too. 10/10

    Ending: One of my top five endings for sure--the way you stop the culprit is really unique, not like some of the mini-games we've been getting lately. And like I said before, the motives are strong, and you're not likely to guess who did it. 9/10

    In short, DDI is my 4th favorite game and it's sad that it's often overlooked--but that shouldn't stop anyone from playing it. I definitely recommend it.
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    great review!!

    i agree with everything you said!!

    5 stars and reps!!
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