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My short review of DDI

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  • My short review of DDI

    I have been an avid Nancy Drew player for 15+ years now and I have never written a review. This game has always been one of my favorites, and since I just re-played it I thought I would write a review.

    I absolutely LOVE this game. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that i love Orcas. The graphics are great. The characters fit in well with the story. I love that they incorporated an animal. The difficulty level (I always play on Amateur) was spot on. I only got REALLY stuck at 2 parts in the game. I don't like how a lot of the newer games are near impossible to beat some of the puzzles unless you come on here for hints or cheats. This game wasn't like that. It has puzzles that you can solve ON YOUR OWN without driving yourself crazy!

    I wish HERinteractive would make more games like this one. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) I give this game a full on deserved 10. Good job on this game developers!

    A life long Nancy Drew pc gamer; Jackie

    Peace. Love. Nancy Drew.

    Games Played: games 1-31
    Game I'm currently playing: Sea of Darkness
    Favorite ND Game: DDI, ICE, ASH, SSH, and WAC
    Favorite ND Character: Jane Penvellyn, Brady Armstrong, Rachel Hubbard