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Weird question, book organization

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  • Weird question, book organization

    Hey guys,

    I've organized the books in the drawer and once they're all set, with no gap- I can't leave the screen. Nancy doesn't indicate it's complete, there's nothing to pick up, not red magnification class. I can click my phone, but when I leave the phone screen is resets the puzzle. any ideas?
    - Heather, SR Detective.

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    Do you want a spoiler you can check against?


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      I've tried that already too, wasn't sure if known glitch...
      - Heather, SR Detective.


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        I've checked through the list of known glitches for DDI and the problem you are having is not listed.

        You could do another search - either under "Search Forum" on the right side of the top banner at the beginning of the DDI forum, or do an Advanced Search using "Single Content Type" Search of just the DDI Hints & Tips board to find another spoiler to read. Sometimes the way another member explains how to solve something may be more clear than another's way of doing it.

        If that doesn't help contact herinteractive directly:

        Technical Support:
        [email protected]

        Hope that helps.
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