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the morse code machine wont turn on

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  • the morse code machine wont turn on

    I have
    replaced the light with the bulb I found in the basement,it works.

    Then I
    sprayed the lamp with the oil can I found in the tunnel.

    I turn the light on and it clicks off after a few seconds.
    The machine won't let me enter anything.
    Nancy says, "I don't have a message to send right now" or something like that.
    Any ideas as to what I may have missed or did wrong?
    I know I need to send
    Nancy's cell number

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    You may know what you have to send, but Nancy doesn't seem to. So i'll just list all the stuff Nancy has to do to figure it out:
    Find all the messages in bottles (4 i think).
    Use them to find the secret beach.
    Find the clam shell box on the beach.
    Solve the puzzle of the nonsense story, by filling in the lines at the bottom of the story.
    Ask everyone necessary if you can look at the items specified in that puzzle solution (and do everything you need to do to be able to look at them).
    Use the Anagram Buster on Nancy's laptop to unscramble the letters on the items.
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    Listen, my child, to this story of dreams,
    And know that the beginning is more difficult than it seems.
    When the ten daughters are reunited in order,
    When the four-sided box loses its border,
    When the eye of the phoenix is in your hand,
    When the bird of fire can see again,
    When the moon sleeps and the sun plays,
    The king of the sky will shine his rays,
    And hidden beneath a river of colors
    Will lie a gate to golden wonders.