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  • Clamming Glitch

    Hello -
    I've been reading a lot of older threads about the clamming glitch that I am now having issues with but can't seem to find a reasonable answer to fix this.

    I used the trick of clicking on the bucket multiple times with one clam in order to achieve 15 clams quickly. But once I clicked that final time my bucket became completely empty. Now when I find clams I can't put them in the bucket and I can't go back to the cafe because it is still closed. (This is what I get for trying to 'cheat')!

    I found the patch and downloaded it successfully and followed instructions for clicking on the starfish but still I can't get into the cafe or collect more clams.

    Has anyone else come across this issue? I'd hate to have to start all over!
    It's so funny that this is one of my all time favorite game, have played it countless amounts of times and just recently learned of the clamming trick from a youtube video that I thought I would try. So much for that!

    Thanks in advance to any help you can give!