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DOG Review, From Someone Who Likes Horror Movies

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  • DOG Review, From Someone Who Likes Horror Movies

    It's another game review...

    From the perspective of someone who likes creepy things

    I like Edgar Allan Poe, horror movies (the good ones, anyway), and being creeped out. Note: as a change from what I usually do, I played this game with my mom. Sorry if my perception of it is skewed at all, I only had control of the mouse for half the game.

    Technical issues: I played this one on Windows 7, on a laptop. There were a couple problems. The mouse would stick for a few seconds at a time, and the characters would sometimes repeat about 5 seconds of their lines after they already said them (which was sometimes hilarious.)

    Setting: Really good setting. Not spooky, really, but good. The woods were extensive, they didn't try to overexpose you to the tackiness of the emporium or ranger station, and there was a graveyard. There were also a couple of hidden areas that you unlock later in the game. I won't spoil them, but they look pretty cool.

    Music: I had the music turned down a little of it, so I ended up going back after I finished the game just to listen to the music. The music that played during the day got really boring after a while, but the night music was appropriately unsettling. Some of the music seemed like it was meant to be calming, though.

    Puzzles: The dog theme of most of the puzzles was entertaining, and the puzzles themselves were logical and easy, if you use the help of the PDA. Unfortunately, there were WAY too many chores in this game. Nancy has no money, so whenever she wants something, she has to do a chore. Sometimes doing more chores so that she can get things to properly complete other chores. Bleh.

    Gameplay: Moving around was pretty easy. The woods were very easy to get lost in, but after a while you start to notice little landmarks, which Nancy automatically puts on the map for you. I liked that you have so much area to wander around in.

    Characters: There were only three characters this time, as opposed to the usual four. All of them seemed pretty equally annoying, but maybe that's just because they kept assigning Nancy so many chores! They're all a little funny in the way they obsess about their particular things, but I don't know if they're actually supposed to be funny.

    Plot: The plot is mostly discovering things. You don't discover much new about the characters, mostly the location. You learn the history of the area. It's alright, and kind of unique, so I give it credit for that.

    Cheesiness: Emily has a pretty obvious accent, which irked me, but there really wasn't too much cheese.

    Deaths: The deaths in this game were all lethal (from what I remember.) Nancy has a multitude of ways to die, and a few of them are actually kind of terrifying.

    Overall, how fun it was: Too many chores. Discovering new locations and solving dog-related puzzles was really fun, though.

    Overall, how scary it was: I don't think the game did all it could with its potential. Maybe it's just the way I played it, but I only saw one of those super spooky dog attacks once. The culprit at the end is pretty creepy considering how insane they seem at that point.

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 2/5. I got tired of waiting for the mouse.
    Setting: 4/5. Fun to explore.
    Music: 3/5. All over the place.
    Puzzles: 2/5. I'll say it again: Too. Many. Chores.
    Gameplay: 4/5. Automatically-marking map.
    Characters: 2/5. Flat, annoying (sometimes) characters.
    Plot: 4/5. Unique and involves history.
    Cheesiness: 3/5. Spooky, but some areas of cheese.
    Deaths: 4/5. Varied, actual deaths.
    Fun factor: 2/5. Some fun, mostly chores.
    Scare factor: 3/5. Could have done better.
    TOTAL SCORE: 33/55. That's 60%. This game had potential, but it really could have been done better. Come on guys, you have ghost dogs and a huge setting! Oh well. It's still alright for playing, but it's far from my favorite.
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    Great job on your review!
    Your wide range of categories was fantastic, and I found it really cool that you included a category for deaths. I haven't seen that kind before.

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    Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

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