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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Review

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  • Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Review

    Do you like dogs? Do you like ghost dogs?

    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake came out in November 2002. It’s rated E for Mild Violence, and is for ages 10 to adult. It’s for Windows Operating System 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.

    Nancy Drew is called by her friend Sally McDonald to investigate some dogs at her house. When Nancy gets there, Sally is gone because she can’t stand another night there. Apparently her house is haunted by the dogs of Mickey Malone. However, Nancy starts to think that the dogs have been trained to attack Sally’s house? Who would do that? Why? Is someone trying to scare Sally out of her house at Moon Lake? Is there more to Sally’s house than Nancy realizes?


    There’s only three main characters in this game:

    Emily Griffin: She runs Emily’s Emporium. She’s the friendliest of Nancy’s neighbors at Moon Lake. She showcases a lot of things in her store, and she has a lot to tell about the history of Moon Lake. Does she know more than what she’s telling?

    Jeff Akers: He’s the park ranger of Moon Lake. He’s mad because he can’t get an assistant to help him out. If he just had more park land, he would be able to get an assistant. Jeff also has family ties to the Malone legend, so he could know a lot about the Malone house. Is he searching for something at Moon Lake? What would he do to find it?

    Finally, Red Knott: Avid birdwatcher. He seems to think that Moon Lake is the perfect place for bird watching because there isn’t a decent establishment anywhere around it. He thinks all the problems in the world could be solved if people weren’t allowed at Moon Lake. Could he be trying to force Sally out of her house so he the woods are peaceful for birdwatching?


    I did not like collecting bugs in this game at all. Why do we have to search for creepy critters that crawl on their bellies?

    Because I am a dog lover, I was not happy with the possibility of anyone using dogs to accomplish their own ends. Dogs are so nice and friendly. Why would you use them?

    I don’t like sorting roman numerals. It gets so repetitive, and I go cross-eyed.


    You learned about prohibition history and speakeasies. That was pretty cool.

    You met Vivian Whitmore. She was pretty funny, and she seemed to have a big story to tell.

    This game seemed peaceful in the forest during the day. You heard many bird calls, and there was pleasant music. It was like walking through the forest.

    Some Interesting Points:

    You had to do lots of chores for Emily. Some of them seemed irritating, like bug collecting. I guess a detective’s life isn’t so glamorous.

    The shed almost burned down! Someone tried to kill Nancy! Yikes!

    All of Malone’s dogs had the same death date. Was that just a coincidence?

    Each of Malone’s dogs was associated with a color based on their collar. You saw this in their paintings somewhere…

    Gameplay Moments:

    Your batteries went out right at the moment when you were going to explore something. Great timing, huh? Darn. Back to Emily’s for another task.

    Nancy gets knocked out as she sees something on the house. That reminded me of being knocked out in Treasure in the Royal Tower.

    Overall Impression:

    This game was just okay for me. It seemed short, and it involved bugs. Plus, I didn’t like how the dogs were used in the game. I can’t say that I want to immediately replay it.
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