DOG is one of my favorite ND games, so why not write a review for it?!

About the Game:
In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Nancy is on her way to a friend's house, named Sally. Sally recently bought a cabin on the lake, and Nancy's visiting. But when Nancy arrives, she finds out Sally is gone; cause the ghost dogs scared her off. Are the ghost dogs trying to bring back their dead owner, Mickey Malone; who originally owned the cabin? Or is someone up to something dark and secretive?

{Cons (or in this case Con)}
I feel like there isn't as much snooping in this game than there is in other ND games. This game has a good amount of it, I just wish there was more.

Has a really good plot! You'll never get tried of it!
There where only three characters in the game, but still all fun to talk to! And each one of them as a good motive as to who the culprit is!
Puzzles were good! They weren't to hard or to easy!
There is a lot to explore! You may even get lost a couple of times!
There is some history in this game! If you like ND games with any kind of history, try this game!
Graphics in this game were really well done! This is one of HeR's older ND games, so obviously the graphics aren't going to all newer or anything. But I like the oldie graphics in this game!
There is a lot of scare factor to this game! If you like scary ND games, this is a must!
The ending was great! one of HeR's best I think! choice of culprit was really good too!

Over all I give this game 5 star! Great job HeR!