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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - A review by felicity18

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  • Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - A review by felicity18

    This is a really fun game and I always enjoy playing this one very much. I really like the historical part of the story that's told in this game. It was really cool learning about the roaring 20s and prohibition.

    The characters in this game area really colorful. I like Red Knott for just being his honest, weird self. Jeff Akers is weird and over does it with the whole protecting the environment thing. To me Emily is the strangest character in the whole game.

    This game really delivers on the creepy factor. However, Michael Gray raised a valid point in his review of this game. His argument was that we only see the ghost dogs once and not repeatedly. I think it would of raised the haunted factor of this game much higher.

    I also liked how we get to see how a real speakeasy looked like. The puzzles were great and fun to do. I also liked how we got to talk to Mickey Malone's former girlfriend. She was really fun to talk to on the phone.

    All in all this game is great and had good complexity to it.

    So I give Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake an 8 out of 10.


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    I agree with you on the speakeasy. It's easily one of my favorite locations to discover!

    I don't think HER did a good job on the creep factor in this game - because, as you said, the ghost dogs only appear 'haunting' the house once in the game. (Though, that scene was very well done.)

    The historical background was also very interesting, and I love the story between Mickey Malone, Vivian Whitmore, Waldo Mathias, and William Akers.

    To me, the characters fell flat. Red Knott wasn''t bad - he was grumpy and kind of sexist, in my opinion, but I didn't mind him as a character. Emily and Jeff Akers, though, were boring for me to sit through. I just couldn't get into them.

    Overall, great review! :)
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      Felicity18, I once played, where there was a glitch in my computer (I accidentally got the scene with the dogs twice.) I'm not sure if any one else had that happen to them but it sure unnerved me. Overall good review.
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