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  • DOG Re-play Review

    DOG was one of the first ND games I ever played, so it has special significance for me. In particular, I love the "Day" theme from the soundtrack- it's one of my favorite instrumental pieces ever.

    I have lately been playing ND games less often. I think ICE (#16) was the last game I bought and played as soon as it came out. I've played at least half of the later games #17 - #32, but a few months or years after their release.

    I just re-played the game today. Here are some highlights, especially in comparison to some of the more recent games:
    1. All the characters have obvious motive. Means and opportunity are also hinted at for most of them.
    2. Vivian Whitmore is really fun to talk with on the phone.
    3. DOG has one of the best endings of any ND game. You start to get a hint of who the culprit might be at just the right time. The sequence that takes place between when you finally see the culprit and when Nancy's voiceover letter starts is perfect.
    4. While the actual diversity of scenery is low (hello 1000 wrong turns through identical forest paths), the game setting feels huge and expansive.

      I think it's because it's something most people can imagine doing (vacationing in a forest by a lake with a boat), as opposed to games where the settings are all about taking a train/car/bus/skateboard to auxiliary locations with only one or two sets at each location.

      Also, getting between scenes takes a lot of clicks. (10 or more steps to get from Red's tree to the cabin, for example) which makes the game feel larger. Having the cabin be viewable from so many different angles was also a great idea.

    The game UI feels a little clunky now in the days of Windows 10, but if you've never played it before, you really must!