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My Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Review!!!

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  • My Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Review!!!

    Ghost Dogs of Moon lake will always have a special place in my heart. It used to be my favorite game of all time!! I got into the ND games when there were only 8 games in the series. I had fun trying to track them all down. I was still really young at that time and was not allowed to order games online, so if I wanted to play I had to find them at stores. For some reason I found all the other games easily but could not find Ghost Dogs. One day on a trip out of town with my my grandmother and some friends I finally found it in a secondhand store for $5. I snapped it up and played it the second I got home.

    Maybe it was because it took me so long to find but it instantly became my favorite game. Over the years as more games have been released and I've grown older I have come to realize that this game actually is incredibly flawed and had I not had to work so hard to get it I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. However, it still holds a very special place in my heart. Now on to the review!!

    Plot: The plot line of this game is Nancy was going out to Moon Lake, Pennsylvania to help out a family friend. Upon arriving she finds an empty house. Her friend is gone! A tree also fell behind her car so she can't go anywhere. Shortly after arriving, she receives a call from her friend Sally who explains that she left because she was scared of the "ghost dogs"!! Just like that Nancy is headfirst in a new mystery. 10/10

    Setting: The game takes place in Moon Lake at Sally's house. Because Nancy's car can't be moved, you have to get everywhere by lake in a motor boat. You can go out and check out a little store and the ranger station/museum. You can also explore the woods behind Sally's house. It's a fair amount of locations however, there's really not much to see. 8/10.

    Characters: We only have 3 physical people to speak to in this game which is kind of a let down. I prefer having at least 4 characters but the more the better. That makes the culprit harder to guess. In a game with only 3 you may still be wrong of course, but the chances of knowing right off the bat are a lot greater.
    1. Emily Griffin-the store owner who is more than glad to give you background information on the area and will let you have various needed supplies in exchange for helping her out with chores.
    2. Jeff Akers- the Moon Lake park ranger. He is very opinionated about every single person in the area and is reluctant to share information about Sally's property. He does not believe Sally's story about the Ghost Dogs.
    3. Red Knott- a gruff and unfriendly birdwatcher who hangs out on Sally's property in a tree house at night looking for birds. He hates tourists because they drive away the birds. He doesn't want tourists on Moon Lake or any kind of motorized vehicle. 7/10

    Snooping and Puzzles: There was no snooping really. Sally's house is completely open to Nancy so we're able to look around there as much as we want. However, we can't go through our suspects things which is a bummer. There are puzzles and "chores" to make up for the lack of snooping. 9/10

    Scare Factor: This game is not overly scary. There are a few creepy things here and there and 2 or 3 sequences that may be frightening to a younger player. 5/10

    Graphics: The graphics are pretty decent but I wouldn't say any part of it is extremely eye catching. 8/10

    Phone Friends: Ordinarily I don't add phone friends in my reviews because I don't usually make calls in games unless I have to. This game is one of a few exceptions to that. The phone friends in this game kind of make up for the lack of physical characters. There are so many different conversations you can have that I do spend more time on the phone in this one.
    1. Sally McDonald- Nancy's friend and the owner of the house who gives her the skinny on property information, our suspects, and the honest truth of why she took off.
    2. Bess and George- Always fun to talk to and hysterical with their unique viewpoints on the mystery at hand.
    3. Frank and Joe Hardy-this may be the first game that they are featured as phone friends. I honestly don't remember. Their input is extremely helpful and it can be fun to hear them sparring.
    4. Vivian Whitmore- an old lady we track down who used to be the girlfriend of Mickey Malone, the old owner, way back in the roaring 20's. She gives us the most valuable information of anyone on the house and property, things that were never disclosed to Sally.
    5 Eustacia Andopov-you may or may not speak to her. If you call Vivian enough times eventually you can talk to Eustacia, who was a phone friend in the Final Scene. She doesn't offer much to the mystery at hand but it is a nice cookie to The Final Scene. 10/10

    Dogs: This was the first time I can recall animals being used in the games and it was done very well. Our story revolves greatly around our four ghost dogs and I personally enjoyed getting to learn about them. +5

    Overall: 7.5/10

    I recommend this game to anyone who loves classic Nancy. If you expect to snoop or talk to a lot of characters this game isn't really meant for you.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to comment!!
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