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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • i loved this one. I thought the ending was helarious!
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    • I thought the ending was pretty funny too.
      I gave it a ten. This is my favorite game EVER, because this is one of the most creative plots I've ever heard of. :)
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      • I gave this game a 9.

        It is one of my favorites. I'm very fond of this game as well as a few others. I thought the plot was good, researching clues for what a past gangster left. The characters fit the scenery.

        I gave it a 9 because i did think it was a little short, and I did expect to see the dogs more than what we got to see them "attack" the house. So, but overall good game play!
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        • I gave this one a 9. This game is very special in my heart because this was the first nancy drew game I ever heard about it. Without my friends who showed me this game, I would've never been here, obsessed with nancy drew! Thanks to them!
          There were some puzzles that took me awhile, but I still loved it!
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          • I gave this an 8. This was my 3rd fav game (SHA is my 1st and CUR is my 2nd)!
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            • I really liked this game, considering it was one of the older ones and I like the newer ones better. I gave it a 7.

              I played it on Senior level, but it seemed just as easy as Junior would be. Nancy has a PDA that gives clues/hints and you can also call Bess/George and the Hardy boys.

              The end with the culprit was good, although I did guess who it was before the end.

              The scenery was good and the dogs. But the puzzles were too easy and the maze of trails wasn't too bad.

              All in all an okay game and not scary at all.
              It's up to you as Nancy Drew!


              • 10

                I gave it a 10 I loved it!!
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                • This game is ny fav.

                  This game is my favorite game out of all the ND games. It's very scary at parts especially the begining.
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                  • Great ND Game. A solid 9.

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                    I saw The Warnings at Waverly Academy
                    I followed The Trail of the Twister


                    • A really great game. I gave it a 10. It;s my second fav. first is Treasure in the Royal Tower.


                      • I gave it a 9. It was fun but I was really annoyed with the birds...they didn't like me very much *sniff*...
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                        • i give this wonderful game a 10! cuz its my fav nd game!well ...this and danger by design
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                          • 10!

                            This game was so kewl and interesting and just awesome! I loved it!

                            The beginning was just so great and creepy and scary and was a great start to this eearie at night and happy go-lucky in the morning game!

                            The music was really good. In the morning I felt like frolicking to it and at night I felt like if I walked around a corner or on the trails, I would get attacked or something!

                            The characters were few, but interesting. Though there weren't many, it didn't feel that way to me, which is surprising because I love having a good amount of characters in a game. I think it was because the phone characters were so vast and that there was so much to do that you had no time to talk to characters much. Oh, and you could say a lot to the three characters so it made up for it!

                            I liked getting around in the boat because it was different and didn't take much time.

                            The puzzles weren't too tricky, but were interesting!

                            The scenery and graphics of the game were amazing! I loved the woods and I loved the secret areas you were able to find througout the game. There were so many surprises!

                            The ending was one of the best of the ND games! I loved it and it made you think. It wasn't hard once you knew what you were doing.
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                            • Eight. I really don't remember much about this game.
                              It was kind of...well, unmemoriable, I guess. I liked it,
                              but it's not one of the ones I could play 10 times and
                              not get bored with. Still a cool game, though.


                              • 10!

                                Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is a 10- historically, the information was so interesting and I loved the dogs!