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Fire / Putting out fire / bugs : Spoilers (merged K)

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  • Fire / Putting out fire / bugs : Spoilers (merged K)

    We have finally solved the mystery of how some users are unable to get the bucket out of inventory once they have failed to put out the fire. Check out the tech support page under Ghost Dogs for a downloadable patch.

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    CAUTION SPOILER! "Where are the bugs!"

    This post tells you exactly where the bugs are, so if you dont want to spoil this portion of the game, DONT READ THIS:

    First, make sure you have the forest map that is located above the sink in the kitchen cupboard.

    Some bugs are out during the day, and some only at night:

    Two pieces of bait under calendar stone behind house
    One under rocks near forest entrance
    Two under rocks near the Goldfinch area (central right)
    One under the log near the Blue Jay (center)
    One under a rock beyond the Robin (top central area)

    One under rock near forest entrance
    Two under log near Blue Jay (central area)
    Two crickets under pile of rocks at the entrance to the cemetary.

    There you go! Moderators if you like, sticky this.


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      Can't put out the fire? Here is how its done:

      I have had many calls on this issue, and have seen several posts. After much research on this subject, I have determined there is no game 'bug' at this location.

      It seems players get confused while returning to the shed. They think they are traversing down the wrong trail and turn around, thus lose the game.

      Try this:

      Go directly to the pump when you escape from the shed.
      Pump water in the bucket, then look down and pick up the bucket.
      Immediately turn left from the down position, then click left again.
      You will find yourself looking down a trail. Click three times as you move along and you will find the burning shed. You may have more than one fire burning, and will need to repeat these steps for each fire that is on the shed.