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    1. Are you pre-ordering Gth??
    c) I don't know yet.

    2. What do you think of the cover art??
    a) I love it!

    3. Who's your favorite character so far and why??
    I'd say Harper, because I think her character has a lot of promise. It all depends on how she's written.

    4. Do you like the soundtrack??
    c) I don't have the soundtrack...

    5. Are you keeping up to date on everything Gth??
    a) Of course. I can't wait for it to come out!

    6. Do you have any pre-game rituals that you like to do?? If so, what are they??
    Not really - I just get the game, install it, and start playing!

    7. What do you do while waiting for the game to load??
    Stare at the loading bar and wonder why it's taking so long...

    8. Do you eat any particular snacks while playing the game??
    Nope. I tried to develop a habit of that with SAW, but it didn't quite catch on, so I just eat whatever I feel like if I have a snack/meal.

    9. Are you ready for the scariest HeR game yet??
    a) Heck yes!!

    10. Do you have any theories about the plot or the culprit?? If so, what are they??
    I'm leaning toward Clara or Colton as the culprit because they seem the least likely. However, I haven't come up with much of a theory about any motives as yet.
    neverending song

    So far from me walks your dear self
    So far from me too is your home
    to which I can never find my way
    your fairy tale...