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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    Originally posted by beaglelover2008 View Post
    I really liked the game, but I think I gave it a 7, or possibly an eight.

    The plot was good, but there were some parts that were vague or not really explained. Maybe I was dumb, but there were several ideas discussed that I didn't know at first and still didn't know even though they expanded on it.

    The mansion did not feel big enough however. Thank goodness there were so many grounds, in CUR there were none and that was awful, but it sort of felt like I was back in SKU with the mansion. It was small, and some of the room (one in particular) didn't seem to fit in the rest of the house.

    I loved the puzzles, but there were three times, and two different puzzles (two variations on some of the times) where I would get something right, like it would meet the requirements but it wasn't the configuration it needed to 'open'. That was EXTREMELY annoying, especially when I didn't have specific 'this must be this' instructions.

    All in all, I really liked this game. The characters were pretty well developed, and things made sense in general. There's one more thing concerning whodunnit which I wasn't pleased about because... well.... I don't know how to say it without giving away a lot, but for a minute I was super angry with a certain event. :)
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    I agree with you and me too I loved the puzzles but there is a small problem that arises?
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      I really enjoyed this game but the graphics was so dark that I could barely see. For this I am giving it a 9. I enjoyed the characters and I will say Harper was my favorite but it confused me a bit that in the graves there is a Harper Thornton and yet she was also a character. At first I thought Nancy was talking to a ghost but I guess there was two Harper's, who knows. The puzzles was somewhat difficult as well but not all. I also like how the ending you can have two choices. I still have to go back and see how the other choice plays off. I think they should offer this in more ND games.
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