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    Originally posted by kitkatkatty View Post
    Hey everybody! This is my sixth review. I am so sorry I haven't written a review in FOREVER! If you haven't read my other reviews, I do a bit of everything; such as pros and cons, ratings, and my personal opinions and comments about the game. But I'm gonna do it a little different this time; I'm gonna elaborate the ratings. Please enjoy. Here we go!(:

    1) The characters. I absolutely loved almost every single one of them. Their personalities, appearance, attitudes, secrets... it all just tied together perfectly.
    2) Graphics! Gorgeous! They seriously fit the story so well. So detailed and great!
    3) It was so scary! To be honest, I am one who gets frightened TERRIBLY easily, and this one gave me so many jumps. This was definitely the scariest game.
    4) How dark the rooms were. The creepiness and dimness the rooms were forced me to play with the lights off-- thus creating an even scarier environment.
    5) Colton was not so bad in the looks department...
    6) There were so many surprising plot twists. Cat likey.
    7) There was a lot to do!
    8) The southern-ness. I seriously felt like I truly lived in that atmosphere- it was so fantastic!
    9) the fast forward talking option! I didn't use it much on anyone except Savannah's phone calls.
    10) OMG OMG what the heck was that thing that crawled on the floor in the cotton gin room?! THAT WAS AMAZING! I saw it three times!! It was like a walrus tiger tabby cat seal thing!

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    thanks for all this informations
    best regards
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