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"Ghost" is Somber, Yet Fun - A Review By ConnectTheDots

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  • "Ghost" is Somber, Yet Fun - A Review By ConnectTheDots

    ConnectTheDots' Review
    --Ghost of Thornton Hall--

    **Bottom line:** Decidedly dark for a summer game, Ghost of Thornton Hall offers the maturity that some fans have asked for, as well as fun spooks, interesting characters, and secrets to delight everyone else.


    Savannah Woodham has asked Nancy to take on a disappearance case. Jessalyn Thornton, bride-to-be, recently vanished from the sleepover she held at her family’s abandoned estate. The estate is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Charlotte Thornton, a girl who died in a fire on her 21st birthday. It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to discover what happened to Jessalyn, and investigate the ghost and death of Charlotte.

    The two mysteries tied together perfectly. Jessalyn was ghost hunting on the night she disappeared, so it made sense for Nancy to investigate the hauntings in order to find her.


    What a dysfunctional family! Some of them did not feel like suspects so much as information/gossip providers, but the conversations were so interesting that I did not care. There is not much I can say about the characters without giving something away, because they all have their secrets. I loved a couple of them, but enjoyed talking to all.

    In the recent games, some of the things the characters said felt annoyingly quirky. The conversations in this game felt natural to me.

    Also, as a Southerner, I felt like the accents were pretty good, especially in comparison to some of the other games. It did sound like they all could have been from different areas of the South, though.

    Graphics and Setting

    Sometimes when I play the newer games, I pause for a minute to take in the beautiful environments. The interior of Thornton Hall was lovely, especially the parlor. The characters were well done, too, though some of their movements were repetitive.

    Graphics do not make or break a game for me, but I always like to comment on them because HER has improved so much over the years.


    The music was really beautiful and helped set the tone. None of the music felt cheerful, which I was grateful for. There was one operatic song that I thought was a little over-the-top, but some of the scares were a little over-the-top, so it fit.

    Puzzles, Tasks and Mini-Games

    This game felt different, and I think part of the reason was that there were no tasks or mini-games. I enjoy mini-games, but I feel like having one in this game would have detracted from the serious tone.

    I enjoyed the puzzles for two reasons – the new puzzle styles were challenging but fun, and the familiar ones were breezy but nostalgic. They seem to have cut back on puzzles in the past couple of games, and I was okay with that in this game because the dialogue and scares were so enjoyable.

    "The Scare Factor"

    Due to the mature subject matter (on multiple levels) and somber atmosphere, this was the darkest game in the series so far. Whether or not it was the scariest is up for debate. Some of the scares were random, so you may not experience all of them on the first time through the game. There were many jump scares, as well as spooky moments that you see out of the corner of your eye.

    The scare factor in this game was right up my alley. This game scared me more than any of the others have. If you do not like being scared, this is simply not the game for you.

    Other Odds and Ends

    - I was satisfied with this ending because they offered multiple possible explanations for what happened, but they also left a little wiggle room for players to come to their own conclusions if they so desired. Another recent game offered almost no explanation at all for what happened during the game, expecting players to put the pieces together themselves, so I found this ending to be much better in comparison.

    - I also enjoyed the moralistic choices you had to make, and the effects those choices had on the outcome.

    - As I said before, this game felt different from anything we have seen previously due to the mature subject matter and lack of mini-games/tasks. HER took a few risks with this game, and I appreciated it

    - Some of the dialogue in this game was weirdly ordered. A character revealed their secret to me, and then later on acted as if they had not told it to me yet.

    - I really enjoyed learning about the Thornton family.

    - Something that I saw in this game made my heart stop for a second. It was the most unnerving thing I have ever seen in a Nancy Drew game, but you may not even see it.

    THANK YOU so much for reading my review! Feel free to comment with your own thoughts. Feedback is appreciated.
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    Excellent review! I love how you explained everything, and you gave me a good idea of what to expect in this game. I can't wait now for it to arrive! Thanks for this review, and I hope to see more from you in the future.
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    Hope everyone's having a great summer!


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      Thank you for reading, disneygirl12! I hope you enjoy the game.

      I would just like to add onto my review that, having replayed the game, I understand where people are coming from when they say that the ending explanation is flimsy. This is especially apparent if you make fatal errors in the game.

      The ending explanation could have been better. However, I prefer having a weak explanation than not bothering with an explanation at all, and that's why I do not mind this ending as much as another recent game ending bothered me. In light of that, I think HeR has actually improved a little bit.
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