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  • *~*~*Laura

    So I've just decided to finally write a review on GTH while my sister plays it not two feet away from me. :p

    Setting: Well, in my opinion, it was really good. I'm kinda of obsessed with horror films and anything to do with scary or creepy things. So this game was a plus for me. It wasn't like heart attack scary or anything like that, but it was still creepy and lots of different places to explore, especially some secret passages and what is a ND game without those? 8/10

    Plot: I think that plot was really good and there was a lot of unexpected things that I didn't see coming. And I really enjoyed how you could change the ending depending on what Nancy did. 7/10

    Puzzles: There were a lot of puzzles in this game. Some were tricky while others weren't really all that hard at all. 7.5/10

    Graphics: I thought that the graphics were amazing and quite realistic. I think that HeR did a fantastic job with them. 9/10

    Characters: I like the variety of characters in this game and how there was a nice blend of normal, weird and creepy. I really enjoyed the "crazy" Harper though, I think she's not become one of my favorite characters. But that just may be because I love crazy :p 8/10

    Phone Friends: Okay, so I LOVED talking to Bess and Ned. Bess was just as funny as ever and Ned was just Ned. Also, it was fun talking to Savannah again and learning more about her past (She's turning into one of my favorite reoccurring phone friends. And I hope to see her again soon.) 10/10

    Length: I finished this game in two days, but that was only because of school being stupid. So it maybe have actually been a bit shorter and I could probably have beat it sooner if I didn't have to stop. 7/10

    Snooping: Again, snooping is slowly starting to make it's way out of the games, but there were still moments in the game were you could snoop in people's belongings. And you could even listen in on phone conversations and that was fun. 7/10

    Extra stuff: You could skip the conversations and I really liked that. I found myself using it whenever I actually clicked on someone. Or if there weren't anything I could ask. It was fairly useful in places.

    I also loved that you found more places to explore as the game progressed. I love games like that, as it's more realistic than when everything is just thrown at you from the start. 9/10

    Scare Level: It wasn't that scary, but that's just me. A person who watches horror movies for the fun of them. There were some creepy moments and maybe some jump worthy moments if you were looking away from the screen and then returned at certain moments. But it really wasn't that bad. 8/10

    Overall: This was a really fun game and I will most likely replay the game. Again, in the near future. I would probably give it an 8.5/10

    Next Game Trailer: OMG! I am so excited for this game to come out. And that's all I'm going to say on that(:

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this review and I'll see you all later(:
    Do you all have different opinions or anything else then leave a comment, I'd love to hear what y'all thought about that game or this review(:

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