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Review -- Ghost of Thornton Hall

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  • ilovenetball
    What an amazing review!
    I agree with you the game setting is so similar to CRY

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  • Tiny_Dancer
    started a topic Review -- Ghost of Thornton Hall

    Review -- Ghost of Thornton Hall

    Case File: 7

    Ghost hunter Savannah Woodham of SAW calls Nancy to a centuries-old Georgia manor where bride-to-be Jessalyn Thornton has gone missing in the very home her late cousin supposedly still haunts.

    Solution: 8

    Don't spoilers here!

    Because of a critical turn in the game's plot, the final challenge is different this time -- more developed and complex, without just being a difficult puzzle. I also love that players can choose how they want to resolve things.

    The resolution of the game thoroughly covered all characters and adequately explained the haunting.

    Overall Plotline: 7

    The plot of the game blends current day intrigue with family history as Nancy learns about Civil War spies, cotton factories, Jessalyn's upcoming wedding, and the fire that took dear sweet Charlotte's life.

    Setting: 5

    Knotty trees surround the rundown Thornton Hall, flanked by the family cemetery and the ruins where Charlotte died. Family members tend to avoid the house's interior, from Charlotte's bedroom upstairs to the workshop guarding the entrance to the cellar.

    Overall, the setting fit the mood of the game quite well, but I felt the layout of the house and the cemetery were too similar to the Bolet House in CRY.

    Graphics: 9

    There aren't very many cinematic cutscenes in the game's plot, but the special effects for the ghost's appearances are incredible!

    Suspects: 7

    Nancy meets 4 suspects in person:

    Colton Birchfield, Jessalyn's fiance. Colton comes from a family with deep connections making him a perfect addition to the wealthy, yet historically unlucky Thornton family. He seems concerned about his bride-to-be, but how serious are the warnings of his troubled past?

    Clara Thornton, Jessalyn's mother. Clara is in charge of the family company and as such is ever the businesswoman. She is quite distraught about Jess' disappearance, but why is she so tight-lipped?

    Wade Thornton, Clara's cousin. A former ghost hunting friend of Savannah, Wade has returned to Thornton Hall to search for his niece despite the shady past straining his relationship with Clara.

    Harper Thornton, Clara's cousin. Since her sister Charlotte's death, to say Harper is the black sheep of the family would be the understatement of the century. Is she truly dangerous or is Clara exaggerating?

    Overall, the characters of GTH are good. I did not think Colton was very well developed. Harper is the true standout -- her mental illness making her one of the most rich, unique and somehow still sympathetic characters in HER history.

    Phone Friends: 10

    In GTH, Nancy can call...

    Bess Marvin & Ned Nickerson, her best friend and boyfriend. This game features some of the best Bess and Ned dialogue ever! Thanks to the new hints within the task list, we don't need their help as much, but they were so much fun to talk to I called them more than ever.

    Savannah Woodham, former ghost hunter. I was thrilled to have Savannah return after her impressive debut in SAW. I thought we had a good introduction to her character, but lots of room for development and in GTH, HER pays off.

    Addison Hammond, Jessalyn's best friend. Addison was the last person to see Jess, having accompanied her to a spooky bachelorette party the night of Jessalyn's disappearance.

    Puzzles: 7

    GTH includes a great range of puzzles, folded expertly into the plot. So expertly, in fact, it's taking me significant effort to remember their details. Science and math aficionados will delight in scale balancing and battery creation, while language lovers will enjoy deciphering the riddles in the anonymous notes left on Nancy's nightstand.

    Length: 7

    This game is of average length. Not particularly long, but not too short either. It took me 6.5 hours to complete on Amateur Sleuth.

    Overall Difficulty: 7

    None of the puzzles are too difficult, but I did need to consult the hints and tips board a couple of times. I thought there were several items (e.g. a hammer or a certain grave) that were extremely hard to find. Overall, I would deem this game to be medium difficulty.

    Realism: 7

    This game is somewhat realistic.

    Certainly a ghost is not very realistic and this game contains the most incredible phenomena of any Nancy Drew game so far. However, the resolution provides a fairly reasonable explanation, and the ghost is the only unrealistic element of the story.

    Snooping: 7

    There are many definitions of snooping on this board. Hopefully I will be able to address everyone's areas of interest.

    Hidden Areas: Nancy finds several short hidden passages.
    Snooping Through Suspects' Things: Nancy does very minimal snooping in suspects' personal effects at the end of the game.
    Snooping in Off-Limits Areas: There are not any truly off-limits areas, but there are a few locked rooms that Nancy gains access to as the game develops.
    Piecing Together Clues: Because there are several subplots, there is a fair amount of piecing clues together.

    Music: 6

    While certainly dark and suspenseful, I did not take very much notice of the music in this game.

    Miscellaneous Info:

    This game is solved in the course of three nights.
    Navigation is first-person only.
    This game is very scary. The game is rated E.
    There are major supernatural references in this game, in the form of a ghost.

    Ultimate Rating: 7.5

    Overall, this game was quite good. I was disappointed by the setting's extreme similarity to CRY, but the plot was solid and the scares were impeccable. I look forward to playing this one again.