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  • Ghost of Thornton Hall - A Classically Great Game

    Nancy Drew: The Ghost of Thornton Hall Review: A Classically Great Game.

    Ghost of Thornton Hall is a return to the classics, it manages to recapture what most of us think of as a Nancy Drew mystery, because the game is similar to some of the yellow hardback stories we all read when we were younger, but updated in a much more mature and modern fashion.

    Atmosphere/Setting: 10/10 The Ghost of Thornton Hall creates a very serious tone, there’s few goofy, or campy moments, and while I do love those moments, they aren't missed in this game. At times it’s almost like the game is trying to make the player feel uneasy, and therefore there’s almost no comic relief either. The atmosphere is creepy, yet also somewhat peaceful in parts, the environments feel very old as well as very historical and lived in, making Thornton Hall a perfect haunted house that keeps the player on their toes.

    Aesthetically, this game is really beautiful, there were times when I had to stop clicking and take a second to just look at some of the environments. I think the beautifully destroyed and old looking environments in this game really show off what the people at HeR can do in terms of graphics.

    Plot: 8/10 This isn’t really a new kind of mystery, as we've seen it before, but it does have good pacing and set up. The story is very clear on what the player is trying to accomplish and discover, which is always a good thing. While the plot is very simple, it’s still acceptable and the simplicity allows the characters and atmosphere to take up the bulk of the game.

    Characters: 10/10 The interaction with the characters takes a very large role in GTH. While none of the characters are super unique or eccentric, none of them are boring by any means. No one in this game is really comedic or crazy, they all just seem like real people, and I think the characters work really well in that sense because someone cracking jokes all of the time would be highly disruptive to the atmosphere. There’s one character that’s kind of eccentric at times, but I think they’re meant to make you feel more uncomfortable and uncertain about their motives than really make you laugh. The relationships between the characters are very intricate, which makes them all seem like a real family would in their position.

    Overall, the characters in this game are all great, they’re interesting, they help create tension, and they fit within the game perfectly.

    Puzzles: 10/10 Most of the puzzles were pretty clever and not too difficult, although there are a couple that are pretty hard to understand. While I wouldn't consider this game “puzzle heavy” there are quite a bit of puzzles, but never too many or too little. I would say that Ghost of Thornton hall sits somewhere perfectly in the middle of the puzzle spectrum.

    Scare Factor/Creepiness Factor: 7/10 I wouldn't say this game is super scary, but the atmosphere is quite creepy and there are a couple of jump scares that might get you.

    Ending/Length: 10/10 I thought the solution to this game was done very well, when the game ends you can easily observe that the game had a very clear vision behind it. In terms of length I'd say it's one of the longer games, but in spite of the length the game never feels like it's being drawn out too long.

    Overall I really love this game, The Ghost of Thornton Hall is a lovely return and update to the classic Nancy Drew formula, this game deserves a spot among some of the great ND games, and I will most definitely be returning to play it many times.
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