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  • Case Closed- Review #15

    Hello and welcome to Case Closed!

    Plot: Jessalyn Thornton and her best friend, Addison Hammond, visited the uninhabited Thornton Hall on the coastal Georgia for a pre-wedding celebration and sleepover, but the fun ended when Jessalyn disappeared. Now Jessie's friends, family, and coworkers search the undergrowth and abandoned spaces throughout Blackrock Island, seeking any trace that might lead to her whereabouts. That's why paranormal expert Savannah Woodham asked Nancy Drew to investigate potential leads. This case requires a skeptic, someone who isn't afraid of a place where stories of the supernatural hang as thick as Spanish moss from cypress trees. Did the heiress to the Thornton business empire vanish among the monuments, or is someone holding something besides family secrets? Which makes me give it an 10/10 for an amazing plot!

    Characters: In this game, there are six main characters, Jessalyn Thornton, Harper Thornton, Clara Thornton, Wade Thornton, Charlotte Thornton, and Colton Birchfield. Each character has their own personality and traits, and ALL of them are super memorable! I really enjoyed the fact that their seemed to always be some dialogue and interaction with people in this game, and conversation was great! Clara is the mother of Jessalyn. Jessalyn is the missing daughter of Clara, recently engaged to Colton Birchfield, her fiance. Harper is Jessalyn's cousin and she is known to be a little weird. Wade is Clara's cousin and Charlotte is Harpers deceased sister said to haunt Thornton Hall. There are also some great phone characters as well! Which makes me give it a 10/10 for excellent character development.

    Scare Factor: This game's scare factor is high! I was almost as scared as SAW, but not quite. Their were a ton of hauntings and things that moved in the background. Little things would move, blink, whist away and it was terrifying! It is definitely some scare! Which makes me give it a 9.5/10 for a very scary scare factor!

    Setting: The setting in this game is amazing. It is actually exactly like CRY's setting. The house has 3 rooms until you unlock a certain something and a beautiful hallway and portraits throughout the house. The outdoor area is beautiful as well, with the ruins of Charlotte's death, a crypt, graveyard, and beautiful walkway and outdoor house. I have to admit, it may be intended to be creepy, but it was vintage and beautiful. The game took place all at night which I was extremely disappointed with. I would have liked to explore at day as well. Which makes me give it a 9/10 for a wonderful setting!

    Length: For this game, It was kinda short. I played this and it took me two days, maybe about 10 hours or so. It was very well thought out though, and it felt fufilled and good. I think the story could have been better explained. By the time I finished the game, I couldn't sort out the family line. Which makes me give it an 8/10 for a medium length.

    Music: The music was great! It was similar to SAW but not as amazing. The tunes were mostly spooky and dark. One of them sounded like footsteps coming behind you and gave me the chills! I really loved the music, and I made sure to turn it up all the way when I played the game. Which makes me give it a 9/10 for awesome music.

    Puzzles: This game has many puzzles that may make you have to use spoilers. The puzzles are well thought out, I didn't have to many spoilers, but I used a lot of the task hints included in the game which helped a lot. I liked this games because the puzzles weren't impossible and boring like some of SAW's puzzles. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for amazing puzzles!

    Graphics: New game, new graphics. They were absolutely stunning and the motion was beautiful! Charlotte looked breath taking and beautiful and the scenery? NO WORDS. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Which makes me give it an 10/10 for impeccable graphics.

    Overall, this game has......

    ~An Amazing Plot
    ~Excellent Character Development
    ~A Very Scary Scare Factor
    ~A Wonderful Setting
    ~A Medium Length
    ~Awesome Music
    ~Amazing Puzzles
    ~Impeccable Graphics

    Overall this game is an 9.4/10! Hope you enjoy this game!
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