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A Great Game, but definitely not the Best

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  • A Great Game, but definitely not the Best

    I will be breaking this down, bit by bit.

    PLOT: I never thought I would find a plot that for me topped TRT. However, the eeriness throughout the game, the constant mystery of when people would appear (or disappear), it all bonded together much better than any of HER's other spooky games I've played. Score: 10/10

    GRAPHICS/SOUND: The graphics in this game were good, especially since the last three games I've played all were older. The soundtrack was nice, but it could have been slightly spookier (which some people may disagree with me on). SCORE: 8/10

    CHARACTERS: In this ND mystery, there are 4 characters (other than your phone friends). They are Clara Thornton, Wade Thornton, Harper Thornton, and Colton Birchfield. To be honest, I didn't really connect with anyone except for Harper. Clara was just too stiff (even if she was meant to be that way), Colton was just the equivalent of a lost, alone puppy, and Wade just seemed sort of... out of it. Harper had a well-developed back story, and she definitely pulled me in. The only reason this score is above halfway is because of her. SCORE: 7/10

    INTERFACE: Wow. I'm sure everyone is used to the standard interface by now, so I only have one thing to say. FINALLY! I can click past the blah blah blah of the people talking since I usually read faster than they talk. SCORE: 9/10

    PUZZLES: The puzzles in this game were very good as always. I would say that at least two of my three favorite puzzles that I've encountered in the entire ND series were in this game. My only complaint is the running back and forth, from the graveyard to the mansion to other places. But that won't stop me from giving this section a perfect score! SCORE: 10/10

    ENDING: I liked the fact that there were three different endings. I played through all of them, and two of them I wasn't impressed by. Maybe I just expect every ND mystery to be wrapped up with a ribbon on top, but the other two just didn't work for me. Also, I found the culprit fairly predictable. SCORE: 7/10

    Plot: 10/10
    Graphics/Sounds: 8/10
    Characters: 7/10
    Interface: 9/10
    Puzzles: 10/10
    Ending: 7/10
    OVERALL: 51/60= 8.5/10

    My Top Three:
    Treasure in the Royal Tower: 9.2/10
    White Wolf of Icicle Creek: 9/10
    Ghost of Thornton Hall: 8.5/10