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  • A GTH Review by TFs Junior Detective

    In The Ghost of Thornton Hall Nancy is investigating the disappearance of Jessalyn Thornton, a recently engaged girl to Colton Birchfield. Jessalyn and her friend Addison decide to have a sleep over scavenger hunt around the old family house on the eerie island. Soon you will discover the ghastly things that happened that night that caused Jessalyn to disappear. Was it cold feet, did she run away, did she get abducted? Its up to you as Nancy Drew to roam Thornton Hall. Just be careful, you may encounter the ghost of Charlotte...

    Places to be:

    You are on an island that houses a Thornton Family Graveyard, old Thornton Family house in need of TLC, and later in the game, the ruins of Charlotte's death.

    Thornton Family Graveyard:
    Here you will find a abundance of graves, a locked ( surprise! ) crypt, and a Franklin Memorial. The graveyard is very important. It contains lots of numbers, which are used intermittently for codes, and once you unlock the crypt, many clues will be found here. The graves are important themselves, some have facts you need to know, some have numbers that need to be remembered, and some have hidden clues to locked places.

    Thornton Family House: There are many secret passages here that you will need, and there are a total of 5 rooms that you will be using a lot, and are very important. This is where Jessalyn disappeared and you will find a few clues that were left behind. You will encounter Charlotte's ghost here a few times.

    Ruins of Charlotte's Death Place: A few important clues here, and very scary. You will encounter Charlotte's ghost two to three times here. I loved this place, it was very calm and spooky. You will not discover this location until later in the game.

    Places to be: 9/10

    You get to talk to Clara, Wade, Colton, and Harper.

    Clara: Clara is Jess's mother. She is very cold and one of my least favorite characters. She seems to have a bad relationship with Colton, Harper, Wade, and Jess. I think I really could have been better off with out her... but she was a well developed character.

    Wade: He was helpful to the game by explaining all the graves. I really liked him, and he was helpful and didn't interfere with any thing. Good character, not really that well rounded, but good.

    Colton: This is Jess's fiance, and is slightly off. He is awkward and soon you will discover some pretty dark secrets he has. Overall, he was just sorta there and not really helpful.

    Harper: I loved Harper. She was really funny and she is hiding from her family. She was really helpful and I think one of the best characters that is in this game. She is amazingly sneaky and nice in her own way.

    Phone Characters:

    Ned and Bess: Really funny. They have awesome dialog and they are helpful.

    Savannah: Yea... I only talked to her twice. Not really needed. She is nice and may be helpful to some people.

    Addison: Addison was very helpful and I liked having her to talk to. She knew what happened that night and was overall good.

    Characters: 8/10

    It just wasn't creepy enough. At some points in the crypt it was happy music and I am sitting at my computer thinking, "Oh, I am surrounded by dead people, trying to find a soon to be bride with a crazy family and I hear flutes trilling happily in the background..."

    Some people may be really into the creepy factor... so if you want creepy you may want to play your own scary music during this game, because it is not very impressive.

    At some points the music was good, perfect for the tone, so I do give HeR that.

    Music: 7/10


    The ending was amazing! You could choose three different paths or ways to go. After I finished, I went back and did all three. They are all really good, but here is something you should keep in mind when you get to the end: Everybody deserves a second chance. So hopefully when you make your choice you do the right thing.

    Ending: 10/10

    New Additions:

    Fast Forward: I am a very fast reader. So I would usually sit there bored listening to people ramble on, when I had already finished reading their dialog. Now you can click the >> button next to the dialog box to skip what the speaker is saying and go onto the next person's dialog.

    Hints: On your task list you can click the ? and it gives you a hint. Sometimes it gives you the option to get more hints then maybe a solution. You do have to wait about a minute though to get the next hint.

    New Additions: 10/10

    Overall game was good and scary.



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