This is just a few ups and downs I noticed about this game :)

1. The character graphics weren't great, but that's because of the change to iPad. It wasn't fluid and it was a little glitchy.
2. I didn't even pay for the game, yet I still finished it (I even got all the awards except Historian!) It warned me the time would expire soon, but it never did :P I'm not complaining, LOL! Not sure if that was a glitch with my game or for all...
3. This was the Bonus Edition version of the PC game! If you didn't manage to preorder last spring, get this game, because there are extra audio tracks and phone charms!! (No phone games though)
4. The music sounded even better coming off the iPad in earbuds, but maybe that's just me :P
5. The game is pretty much exactly like the PC version, with hardly any changes.

All in all, I thought it was a great game to move to the iPad and I consider it a great step forward for HeR!