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  • a dark secret revealed - - - » GTH review xx

    Nancy Drew 28: Ghost of Thornton Hall

    Plot: On the misty, overgrown Blackrock Island off the coast of Georgia lies the uninhabited Thornton Hall, the seat of an old and wealthy family with quite its fair share of scandal and intrigue. When the heiress to the fortune returns to her family’s seat of power for a ghost hunt/sleepover with her best friends before her wedding, she disappears, setting in motion the unraveling of the secrets that the family has held for many years. Nancy Drew has been called in to find the missing Jessalyn Thornton, but it seems as if there are many reasons why one would want the girl to go missing.

    Setting: Why hello there, welcome to Georgia! A land of history, peaches, and – on Blackrock Island at least – a dark past. Nancy Drew 28 takes place in the abandoned Thornton Hall Mansion, and it is quite the sight! I have a quite large obsession with old and creepy mansions so I loved exploring the house and its secret passageways. I wish we had a bit more places to explore, but I understand what they showed was necessary to the plot. I loved the grounds as well, with the family graveyard, moving statues (yes, moving), crypt, and all the other sights to see there.


    Jessalyn Thornton: The Thornton family heiress you are tasked with finding. She is about to be married to Colton Birtchfield – is this just a cases of cold feet, or something that involves the mysterious things that happened the night she disappeared?

    Clara Thornton: Jessalyn’s mother, and the current Thornton family matriarch. Although obviously worried about her daughter’s disappearance, you get the feeling that she’s not telling you all she knows.

    Wade Thornton: A cousin of Clara’s, Wade’s sketchy past and belief in the supernatural is more than enough to implicate him as a suspect.

    Colton Birtchfield: As Jessalyn Thornton’s fiancé, one would expect a little more concern for his missing intended. Does he know something about Jessalyn’s disappearance and is helping her, or is he the one responsible?

    There is one more character you’ll be introduced to, but I will leave that as a surprise! ;) I loved finding out about this particular person.

    Puzzles: I was very happy with the level of difficulty in this game. There were no tedious games to play in order to advance (I still have nightmares about Scopa from VEN); there are more tasks to do than puzzles, which was a huge relief and gave some reality to the game.

    Scare Factor: A creepy, abandoned mansion, a missing girl, and a legend of a ghost haunting the halls? Perfect recipe for scariness! But don’t worry; it was more creepy than downright scary! Moving pictures and statues, glimpses of ghosts, mysterious notes are a great part of the game, and I definitely got a few chills down my spine. I do wish it had been a tad bit more on the scary side, but I do know it is marketed more towards older children/teenagers than a college student with a passion for scary movies!

    Ending: I really really love this ending! It is definitely extremely unique from all the other endings to ND games, especially with the fact that there are multiple endings that could happen. I was very pleased with that fact. The only thing is that I felt there were a lot of unresolved problems. I love interesting backstories, so I may have been too caught up in that to realize that it probably didn’t matter that much (or I’m just slow and didn’t catch the resolutions). I just wish we had a little bit more closure for these characters and the things they went through before the end of the game. Tell me what you think about the game/the ending!

    Overall: Very, very enjoyable! One of my favorite Nancy Drew games without a doubt. I loved all the twists and turns, and the graphics/music tied it all together very well.
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