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    After playing CAP I read many game reviews to decide what mystery to try next. It came down to SAW and GTH and I think my choice was a mistake. This mystery was a classic Nancy Drew, going to a haunted mansion to solve a family secret. However, there was not much of a secret. It seemed pretty obvious from the beginning what happened to Charlotte. It was disappointing to be searching for Jessalyn knowing that the real mystery was going to be what happened to Charlotte and They should have just lead with that. The characters were interesting but did not have much to say. Often times they would not want to talk to Nancy because you would say the wrong thing, which was very frustrating. The ending is a huge complaint but it can't be helped. It was interesting that they had two possible endings, which makes me want to play the game again and choose the other option. The start to the game was very slow and one puzzle did not lead into another. I found myself confused as to why I would be doing certain things because they didn't seem to make sense. I am not great at the puzzles, but these ones were pretty easy, I did not find myself overly challenged.
    All this being said. The creepiness factor to this game was super high. The music was super unnerving and at times I found myself creeped more by the music than anything. The setting itself was also very spooky with the music adding to that feeling. There was just enough places to explore where I didnt feel confined. But I do wish that there was more to look at. But when thinking about this I think back to DAN. DAN had so many different places to go and explore and I think HER needs to spend more time developing places to go so that the mystery doesn't feel boring, restricted and quick.
    Overall, If I was a beginner I would recommend starting with GTH. Speaking as someone who has played a lot of Nancy Drew it was a bit of a let down. It was interesting and creepy but the puzzle were disappointing and the ending was a bit cheap. I understand that HER has to come up with new ideas and I do not think recycling old ideas is the way to go. However, I think they do need to spend more time on developing more places to go for a longer mystery.
    Well, I will begin reading reviews for my next game and make a decision today, But I may go for SPY because I heard the puzzles are great.
    Thanks, Happy Hunting.
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