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This Game Was...Much Better the Second Time: Another Review of GTH

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  • This Game Was...Much Better the Second Time: Another Review of GTH

    Hi again, guys!

    I don't know if you read my other review for GTH, which I weirdly wrote three years ago in a really unorganized format, so I'll summarize. In it, I'd disliked the game so much, I'd vowed I'd never play it again.
    So what changed my mind? SPY, in part.
    I kind of bought SPY on a whim, and I absolutely loved it. The emotional depth, the plot, the death sequences...Ahem.
    So once I realized I really loved SPY, I also realized GTH was sandwiched in between two of my favorite games, DED and SPY. And I thought, you know, self, was GTH really all that bad?
    So I played it again the other day, something I never thought I'd be doing.
    And you know, it was actually much better than I'd remembered it being.
    I know I talked about how the game was disturbing. I realize now that I mistook the sensitivity of the topic for some sort of horror story-esque tone. (Not sure how I did that, please forgive me...) One of the things I actually really like about GTH is that it's actually really sensitive to who the ghost was. (Remember the Nancy from SAW, how she kept asking all those insensitive questions about how Kasumi died? This was the total opposite treatment.) Not going to lie, the setting still creeps me out, but not nearly as much as it did the first playthrough.
    There are also a few spots of humor throughout the game that I didn't notice my first time, and they made me laugh pretty hard. I mean, this game has a lot of focus on death and graveyards and talk of kidnapping, but the humor was still there, just like all the other games.
    I think why I originally disliked this game so much was it dealt with a lot of heavy topics that I hadn't been expecting. Other than Charlotte's tragic death, there's also talk of murder and insanity. The 'crazy' character, Harper, still...kinda scares me, but she has a lot of character development that really goes into why she became the way she did. I think it was the sudden appearance of a lot of hard themes that kind of startled me. (Although the game before this one, DED, is a murder mystery game, so...I digress.)
    Despite my newfound opinion of the game, I still do think it should've been rated E-10, at least. There's a couple of disturbing sequences (thinking specifically of the morbid ending...) that I don't think younger kids could handle. I don't personally think this is the scariest game in the series (that's SAW for me), but there are still a number of parts that make you jump, and some parts that are genuinely pretty creepy (think seeing old skeletons, seeing places where people died, and stuff like that).
    I know I also talked in my last review about how Nancy sounded really disturbed in the ending letter. I realize now that it was more like...sensitivity and compassion for what this poor family had been through. And I actually really liked that, once I realized this.
    So, overall, I think this is more a game for older players, but it's a pretty good game. It's heavier than other games, but having played it again, I think it's a good thing. GTH isn't my all-time favorite, but, unlike last time, I think I will be replaying this game for years to come.
    The number one thing I've learned
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