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  • escaping fire

    I need to help Clara escape fire but not sure how to do the clocks. I am on junior and the spoiler said to set to
    and then said to stop when one hour went past on a clock. Not sure if I stopped the correct one or if I set the clocks to correct time at beginning. I got confused so I followed the spoiler that it gave me and it still isn't working. HELP
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    Idk anything about stopping them after an hour has gone by, but the most foolproof way to figure it out is to set them all to 12:00 and let it run until they stop on their own. Then you'll be able to see which ones need to be adjusted. Whichever clock reached 12 again, just leave it at that. Likewise if any stopped at 6, leave those alone too. The rest, just look at how far after 12 they stopped, then set them that same distance before 12. I know the room is on fire and it seems like doing it that way takes forever, but you should have enough time.
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