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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I think LIE will become one of my favorites. Kudos to HER for producing a great game!


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      Bland and Boring

      I own every Nancy Drew game and have completed each one multiple times. This one however is the first time I deleted a nd game without completing it. The past 5 or so titles have been a disappointment to me compared to what ND games used to be like but this one crossed the line. It is so far the most bland and boring Nancy Drew title. I got about 70% through and ended up deleting it because of how monotone and uneventful it is in addition to having puzzles that are nowhere near as interesting as the previous games. I wish the developers would go back to making interesting immersive gameplay like before. None of the new games are worthy of multiple play-throughs like previous ones. There is a huge difference in enjoyment at least for me (I'm sure others agree with me). None of the ND games made in the past 5 years even come close to titles such as "Secret of Shadow Ranch" "Curse of Blackmoor Manor" "Treasure in the Royal Tower" "White Wolf of Icicle Creek" "Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon" etc...*
      I just want the developers to create a game that you can replay multiple times without getting bored. Some of the games I have completed up to 10 times over the years just because they are so fun, even though I know the story and everything that will happen it is still fun to play. The ND titles in the past few years however have bored me halfway through the first playthrough.


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        i gave this a 4. i saw another post in here that i am so in agreement with. this was far too hard. i am also about at the point where i am going to give up and not finish. some of the earlier games - while maybe not as flashy as this with graphics - were alot more enjoyable to play. one could actually figure out what they were suppose to do. the clues were much better. i have one more game to go after this one - and i'm finding myself way apprehensive of even starting it - when i feel like i should be excited about starting it. at least that's the way i have felt in the past - always looked forward to the next game. now - not so much.
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          Greek mythology

          I think this was the last decent Nancy Drew game. I got lost a few times but we all know that feeling while playing these games, that you have missed one thing that will allow you to progress but you just can’t find it. It was good and Lani’s voice is just so awesome!


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            LIES is definitely puzzle heavy, but I still really like LIES. So far it's up there on my favorites list.


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              Not one of my favorites

              This was Not one of my favorites in the ND series. I have played many but LIE will fall in the bottom 5 of all the games I had played. The puzzles were way to difficult and took forever to get through at times. I found myself using a spoiler just to get through them The ending was a big disappointment as well. I was NOT expecting an ending like that. This could have been less obvious. Seems all the characters had a motive. It just did not seem like there was anything in it that could have made it more funner. I wanted to quit so many times but was just wanting to see what ending and culprit was but was highly upset when I got to that point.
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