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    I will be breaking this down, bit by bit.

    PLOT: As an amateur actor myself, I was very pleased to make an attempt at this mystery. The idea of the Greek mystery on top of the idea of a production made me enthusiastic. I was not disappointed. The set was magnificent (although definitely not feasible for a stage production... I'm looking at you, Underworld) and the museum was just as gorgeous. I enjoyed looking at all the artifacts even if it wasn't required, and I just HAD to show everyone in my household the staggering beauty of the Underworld. As for the missing artifacts, I felt that there was a motive for every person, and the secrets unfolded themselves in a perfect order to allow time to determine whodunnit. Score: 10/10

    GRAPHICS/SOUND: The graphics in this game were absolutely stunning. I felt that some of the music sounded generic at points (one of the songs sounded like one from VEN) but I'm willing to overlook the one song for just how beautiful and intricate the Underworld appeared. SCORE: 10/10

    CHARACTERS: In this ND mystery, there are 4 characters (other than your phone friends). They are Xenia Doukas, the director and actress playing Persephone, Grigor Karakinos, the stage manager and actor playing Hermes, Niobe Papadaki, the set/prop designer and actress playing Demeter, and Thanos Ganas, the actor playing Thanos. Frank and Joe (who become useful thanks to their contacts in the Network) and Melina Rosi (the museum curator) are your phone friends. The characters seemed simple and complex at the same time, and with the exception of Xenia (and Melina occasionally), I enjoyed talking to all of them. There weren't any super-dramatic 180 spins with the characters like can occasionally be seen with HeR characters, which was a plus. Apparently a lot of people were bored by the long conversations, but I found them quite interesting, and important to determining who was behind the crime. There were several points where the only ones I felt I could trust were Frank and Joe, and if that's the case, HeR did a good job building reasonable suspects. SCORE: 10/10

    INTERFACE: I found that the interface was excellent in this game. On Junior mode the checklist went mostly in order, my phone was used to its full extent, and everyone was easily accessible (although I do wonder how Niobe seemingly teleported from one place to another... I'd be with her one place and then find her in a different one). I found it annoyance-free to move from place to place and click on various objects, and I enjoyed checking back in on certain things every so often to see if any updates had been added. SCORE: 10/10

    PUZZLES: While it may be because I was just coming off of playing SAW, which had a lot of number-based puzzles (which I thrive with), but the a few of the puzzles in this seemed very, very hard to accomplish even in Junior mode, despite the task seeming to be somewhat simple. Many of them had little hints that could be found elsewhere but occasionally there was a puzzle where you just had to buckle down and be willing to spend a boatload of time on in order to move forward. Don't get me wrong, I like a challenging puzzle, but there IS such a thing as too challenging. SCORE: 8/10

    ENDING: I was so sure that my idea about the culprit wasn't correct, because HeR did a fabulous job at dropping clues here and there but requiring some real thought in order to determine just how the ending would shape up. I was so happy when I realized I was indeed correct about the culprit, and I was glad that HeR decided to wrap up the ending in that way. I appreciated the realness of all the characters who were involved in wrapping up the mystery and found all the scenes described in the letter to Ned believable. Overall, a superb ending to a superb game. SCORE: 10/10

    Plot: 10/10
    Graphics/Sounds: 10/10
    Characters: 10/10
    Interface: 10/10
    Puzzles: 8/10
    Ending: 10/10
    OVERALL: 58/60= 9.7/10

    My Top Five:
    Labyrinth of Lies: 9.7/10
    Shadow at the Water's Edge: 9.5/10
    The Captive Curse: 9.3/10
    Treasure in the Royal Tower: 9.2/10
    White Wolf of Icicle Creek: 9/10