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    I haven't been playing Nancy Drew games for that long, to be honest, only a few years, nearing two at the least. However, when I did play the games, I started a new one almost immediately after I finished one. I'll be perfectly honest, I haven't played the Mac games in forever. I had plans to buy a PC, but after my father gave me his old one, I've been purchasing ND games left and right due to the money I still have...well, not exactly, I've only bought a few, but I know for sure I'll be stocking up pretty soon. LIE was not the first Mac game I played, nor was it one of the first. It was actually one of the last ND Mac games I played, and to be honest, I was mildly disappointed.

    ~What do I like about this game?

    This game is OK, don't get me wrong. The setting (though you're sadly limited to a certain area) of Greece really appealed to me, seeing as I've always wanted to visit after seeing a friend's pictures of the beautiful place. I didn't really have any problems with the characters, either. They're all good. Oh, and the museum-the museum, spectacular. Especially in the Underworld area. Though I never really understood why it was needed except for game play(as I don't see any reason visitors would go down there), it included my favorite scenes. It looked really cool and obviously a lot of work was put into it. I loved all the little puzzles included in all the gorgeous sections. I did also like who the culprit turned up to be, as I had no idea through the beginning and middle of the game who it was (though, near the end, it became more obvious).

    ~What DON'T I like about this game?

    However, there are many flaws in this game. First of all, I don't have a clear understanding of the plot. I don't understand why Nancy was in Greece to begin with (though my best inference is that she was sightseeing on vacation). I also never really understood the conflict when I first started out, and even as I discovered somebody was stealing art pieces, I never really understood why Nancy was all wrapped up in this as she has no connection to the characters, the museum, or even to Greece, where as in SSH, Nancy was the deputy curator and had at least a little bit of a connection with the museum. As stated before, it's a shame we didn't get to explore Greece like you can explore areas in other games.

    What REALLY got on my nerves though is the abundance of puzzles (I know, contradictory statement after I said I loved the puzzles in the Underworld. I didn't love them ALL and there were a little too much, I admit. The ones I did like I didn't like that much, either.). Even as a girl who absolutely adores puzzles and solving them, I'm not used to this many puzzles. They were all pretty difficult too. Typically I do my first run through of ND games on Junior/Amateur detective, and then play through it again on Senior/Master. I've been holding out on this game, though. The difficult, abundant puzzles plus Master Detective mode? A little too much for me right now.

    ~What is my final opinion on this game?

    Overall, this game is OK. It isn't horrible, and I'd play through it again on Master Detective when I feel up to doing the puzzles, but I don't think I'd play it any more times than that. It's not that good of a game. I typically like a lot of games where people go "Ehh, it's OK, I guess." when asked how much they liked it, but this game didn't really capture my love and attention as other ND games did.
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