Nancy Drew 31: Labyrinth of Lies Review

Plot: What do you get when you combine missing artifacts from a museum, a play about the myth of Persephone, and a dangerous organization that looms ominously in the background? Why, Nancy Drew 31, of course! The Labyrinth of Lies calls in you, Nancy Drew, to the Phidias Cultural Center in Greece to investigate mysteriously disappearing artifacts that are going to be showcased very soon.

Setting: Χαίρετε, welcome to Greece! Although, if it weren’t for the two people who had Greek-ish accents in the game, you’d never guess you were anywhere but a museum in the states. The two main places to explore are the Amphitheatre (although there is much to explore underneath) and the museum itself. I wish there was more to show that you were actually in a foreign country! There were no sights to see or any kind of places that one would associate with Greece. The museum is filled with Greek artifacts, but that could be anywhere. I loved games like the Phantom of Venice or Danger by Design because you got to explore many different places in the cities, and you could actually tell where you were! There was nothing Greek about this setting.
On a positive note, I absolutely LOVED exploring underneath the stage. The Underworld was done fantastically and I was extremely impressed with the details and design. However, I don’t see the point of it? Besides having clues for Nancy, there was literally no purpose for it. I don’t see how it could’ve been used in the play and there were no artifacts for visitors to look at. I loved the look of it all, but it seemed to only be there for Nancy’s use, which was disappointing.


Xenia Doukas/Persephone: Directing and starring in the play that is going to be performed for the museum guests, Xenia is passionate, hardworking and a go-getter. But is all that drive also being used for something more sinister? One of my biggest pet peeves in these games is when the native characters don’t have proper accents. Xenia has a very Greek name but no accent. I think it said somewhere that she was born in the US, but then why give her a Greek name? Shouldn’t there be Greek characters in a Greek-based game?

Niobe Papadaki/Demeter: Niobe is shy, invested in art, and seems very timid to be a part of the production. What is causing her hesitation? And is there something more to her invested interest in art? (A+ for a Greek character with a Greek accent!)

Thanos Ganas/Hades: Probably my favorite character in the game, even though you barely get to talk to him. Thanos is the literal embodiment of his character Hades, but his past and cold demeanor toward Nancy and his fellow actors raise a few red flags. (Greek guy, but hard to tell about his accent; sounds like he’s trying too hard to sound scary).

Grigor Karakinos/Hermes: Grigor comes off quite harsh at times, but after some digging and some classic snooping, new details about his role in the play come to light. (Again, Greek name but no accent).

Melina Rosi: Curator of the museum, Melina is only a phone friend but gives you some good information about the cast and the artifacts in the museum. She’s also quite a go-getter, and knows the exhibit pieces like no other – a perfect cover for stealing, or just a dedicated woman?

Puzzles: Not a fan of most of the puzzles here. I got through them (I use spoilers way more than I should) but I still found them irritating and wouldn’t have liked them at all if I hadn’t had spoilers. I felt as if they were too hard or too complicated. The only thing I liked were the tasks that Melina gives you near the beginning of the game. I don’t mind menial stuff like that and I know some of the harder puzzles were meant to advance the game, but I wasn’t too happy about them.

Scare factor: Not at all. The Underworld gave me the creeps a bit but mainly I was too impressed and intriguied by them.

Ending: Too easy, in my opinion. You figure out who is behind everything a bit before the game ends, and then the rest just feels pointless until you expose the person. I don’t want to give too much away with a lot of details, but it wasn’t the best ending.

Overall: I think the game would’ve been a lot better if it related more to Greece and involved Greek mythology. Yes, it was all centered on Greek mythology, but I feel as if it could’ve played a bigger part. I can think of a thousand ways to incorporate the Underworld more or use the myth of Persephone to relate to the game. Overall, not the worst game but definitely not the best. I knew going in it wasn’t going to be the best, but I wanted to add it to my collection and see for myself. Because of that, I wasn’t surprised, but still a bit disappointed. It had a lot of potential that I felt was unused.

Hope this was helpful to anyone considering this game!
much love,
rose xx