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    I am going to attempt to do my review of LIE and my opinion of it.


    First there is the Plot. I was not too impressed with the plot of it. Nancy was just thrown in without knowing why she was there. Something about stolen artifacts is all we know. I would have liked to of had a better beginning where it gave you an idea of what the case was about. SCORE 4/10


    The setting is in Greece, however, there wasn't much of Greece to look at. If you are going to have it set in Greece then it would have been nice to see what Greece looked like. Only thing you see is the museum and amphitheater as well as the Underworld. There was not to many places to visit. SCORE 5/10


    The graphics and sound effects were pretty good. It made the characters look realistic although the few phone contacts you had were made more like the looked like cartoon characters. I liked the sound effects in the background. The Underworld was made so beautifully. I will give this a SCORE 8/10


    The characters were all fun to talk to. You have Niobe who hangs out in museum or workshop mostly. She seems a bit on the sneaky side and always seems to teleport from one place to next. There is Xenia who is always under a tent in amphitheater. She is a bit on bossy side and not one of my favorite characters. Grigor is in backstage and is very easy to talk to at times. I loved learning about his past and why he was there. Thanos I thought was a cute one but was very intimidating. He came off as being on my list of Culprit right from beginning. He never gave you a reason not to suspect him. He was just so mean. Then there are the phone contacts. Melina is the curator to museum and one who hired you. She seemed like she was hiding something and did not want Nancy to find out much. Then, lastly, the Frank and Joe Hardy. They are there to help Nancy with anything she needs them to investigate. All in all, the characters were fun but too mysterious. I will give SCORE 9/10


    Oh my don't get me started on the puzzles. This was the one part I hated. There was just way to many and they took so long to complete that I found myself needing a spoiler to get through them. There were some that were easy like building a temple or labeling vases but when you get to the Underworld, the puzzles become to trickery. Not my favorite part of the game. There was a match game on the computer which was fun to play but all in all, I give this a SCORE 4/10


    The music made the feel of playing worth it. It was one of the best in the game. Puts you in the mood so I was able to continue on. SCORE 10/10


    If you like to do a lot of snooping, then this may not be the game for you. There is very little snooping around besides looking through a couple tablets and a bag. Other than that, it was a little it was a little bit of a letdown. This gets a SCORE 3/10


    Being this was set in Greece, you would think that HeR would have put more Greece places in it. Maybe like going to a Greek restaurant and trying some Greek food. That would have been a fun twist to the game, I think. But the only places you visit that you learn anything about Greece is just the Museum. If you are going to make a setting in another country then it would be nice to see parts of that country as well. SCORE: 1/10


    For those who like to be scared and jumping out of your seats then look elsewhere. There was not a lot of scary things about this game all except when you went to the Underworld and Thanos sneaked up on you a few times. Riding the boat with Charon was a bit creepy. Then some parts of the Underworld had an eerie feeling to it but nothing that made you scream or jump out of your rocker. SCORE 4/10


    I was not expecting who it was. I had so many guesses but everyone had a motive and gave me suspicions including Melina. It was very hard to tell who was behind it. I guessed Thanos at the very beginning as he was very intimidating and mean. Never nice and he had a very, sort of nasty and mean words in way, makes us laugh about him. But it only raised my curiosity about him further. Xenia was too boss in a way. Maybe it is just me, but HeR made finding out the culprit way to easy. Without giving away any spoilers, that is all I will say. SCORE: 7/10


    I was NOT impressed with the ending. I would have liked it if Nancy could have been facing the audience in the end just to see their reaction. But there was no chasing the culprit down. If it had to do with missing artifacts, it would have been fun to have a high speed chase where you can chase them down and retrieve the stolen goods. But, the way it ended just did not do me justice. I was looking for something more thrilling. SCORE 5/10


    This was not one of my better HeR games with ND. Puzzles were hard and long. Just not what I was expecting with a game in Greece. I was hoping to explore more of it. This game goes to the bottom 3 of all the games.
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