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My Drama Heart is in love. (Austin's LIE review)

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  • My Drama Heart is in love. (Austin's LIE review)

    Let me first start out this review by saying I can be a VERY harsh critic. I don't tend to let bias or preconceived notations influence my opinion on an overall product, especially a video game.

    However, when I heard that we were getting an ND game that is theatre based AND set in Greece (my all time bucket list location), I jumped with joy, grabbed a pomegranate, and ordered the game.

    Labyrinth of Lies truly excels at its location, and most importantly, its cast of characters. There is not, in my opinion, a single un-relatable character in this work. Chances are, the player found a character which they saw a bit of themselves in, whether it be the stage frightened Niobe Papadaki, the craft-driven, hard headed Xenia Doukas, the coarse, but damaged Thanos Ganas, or the charismatic and self-serving Grigor. I think the characters serve as the games strongest suit, and so I give them a 10/10 on characters. I myself related with Xenia, dedicated to my craft, but expecting the best out of myself and others.

    Another key strong suit of LIE is the gorgeous, Greek transporting music. ND music is truly something unique, there are no other tracks like it. Give the ND composers Greece as a location, and they will not disappoint. That is the case with LIE's stunning and upbeat music. Music is a 10/10, maybe even an 11/10 for me.

    I believe the hardest and most stressful part of LIE is the way people tend to view it as "not possible", in terms of how the atmosphere is (the under the stage Hades set and how Nancy is able to navigate it). I, personally, thought it was interesting how there was a whole other set under the stage. While it can be confusing to deduce how they were going to manage to get these sets on the stage flawlessly, it was an awesome replica and a neat set to explore.

    There are a few difficult puzzles, but they are relevant and make sense in the setting. You also learn a ton of new, helpful information- not just about Greece, but about theatre, and museum life and management. At times, the puzzles can get difficult, but they taught me new skills and deduction, which I definitely appreciate. I give the puzzles 8/10.

    Finally, my all time favorite part of LIE is the way it effortlessly incorporates Greek mythology. Chances are, if you're not interested in Greek myth, you will be by the time you finish the game. I even played the game before taking a college myth class, and then again after it, and found the game to be easier and more sensible after knowing more about Mythology. The way it ties in mythology and 'forces' Nancy to learn about it made the game a star for me.

    I adore LIE, it think it will always be my favorite. I give it a 9/10.
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