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So stuck on stone circle puzzle!!!

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  • So stuck on stone circle puzzle!!!

    I'm trying to solve that puzzle where you have to move the tiles around on that stone circle to match the directions Grigor had in his tablet. It's the one with the colors and the famous Greeks. I'm on junior and I used all of the game's hints but I still don't get it at all. Spoilers welcome!!!

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    Originally posted by DeeDee Detect View Post
    The letter symbol for each person goes
    in the colored pie slice with the dot on it. The item goes in the same colored slice without the dot.
    Originally posted by DeeDee Detect View Post

    It doesn't matter if the letter or item is in the inner or outer circle.

    But you will need to use both circles sometimes to "park" some of the pieces in order to make room to move others around the board.

    Note: Only stones belonging to the same person can share a 2-slot pie slice. These two stones don't have to match the pie slice color.

    Originally posted by DeeDee Detect View Post
    We aren't allowed to post pictures, but here is a description of how it will look.
    Originally posted by DeeDee Detect View Post

    Red slot with dot: X for Hippocrates

    Red slot without a dot: Staff with vines curled around it for Doctor

    Orange slot with dot: E for Euripedes

    Orange slot without dot: mask for Playwright

    Green slot with dot: Greek letter Phi for Phidias

    Green slot without dot: Building for Architect

    Blue slot with dot: A for Archemedes

    Blue sort without dot: Looks like a firecracker to me, symbolizes inventor

    Purple slot with dot: Greek letter Sigma for Sappho

    Purple slot without dot: Scroll for Poet

    The trick when you're moving the stones is
    the pie slices that have two spaces in them can only be filled by two symbols (a letter and an object) for the same person.
    That took me a while to figure out…

    I hope this helps.


    1. Move X down

    2. Move staff to orange

    3. Move E to purple

    4. Move S (weird looking E) to center

    5. Move screw to inner blue

    6. Move S to blue

    7. Move A to blue

    8. Move poem to purple

    9. Move temple to green

    10. Move E to center

    11. Move staff to orange

    12. Move X to purple

    13. Move Phi (O with vertical line) to orange

    14. Move E to red

    15. Move X to center

    16. Move staff to purple

    17. Move mask to green

    18. Move X to red

    19. Move mask to orange

    20. Move staff to center

    21. Move Phi to green

    22. Move E to orange

    23. Move staff to red

    24. Move poem to purple

    25. Move S to center

    26. Move A to blue

    27. Move S to purple

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      Thank you so much!!