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  • Key for FileCabinet

    I'm in Melina's office (at the start of the game) and on top of the filing cabinet was a small gold helmet key chain looking thing. I picked it up, assuming it was the key for the cabinet. Its now disappeared! It doesn't appear in my inventory and it is no longer on top of the cabinet. Has this happened to anyone else? Possible glitch? I left and came back but its still gone.

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    Congratulations! You found a phone charm. Dig Nancy's cell phone out and it should be hanging on there.

    Happy 91st Birthday,
    Nancy Drew!

    Nancy Drew was born when The Secret of the Old Clock was published on April 28, 1930!


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      i feel ***stupid*** lol Thanks!

      Welcome to HER. Any time a word is replaced by the filter with stars it means the word is not allowed. That is why I had to edit your post. If you have any questions about how the message board works, please ask on the Message Board questions board. I also recommend reading the FAQ/New Members Resources sticky on that board.
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