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All aboard the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

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  • All aboard the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    Since I have played majority of the Nancy Drew Adventure Games , I have started to replay them. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon was the first game I revisited.

    The Plot:
    All aboard ! Nancy Drew sets off on the restored 19th century train alongside the Hardy Boys and a mixture of minor celebrities to solve the mystery and find the mine Jake Hurley left behind. Travel to Copper Gorge and beyond, whilst uncovering clues and puzzles, and dodging foul play along the journey.

    The plot proved to be thrilling and enticing, this exciting game had me on my toes throughout the whole adventure! There never seemed to be a dull moment, there was always something to collect or unlock and new puzzles to solve.

    The Characters:
    Each had a motive to find the mine first and claim its fortune, but each was very different at the same time. From the bouncy blonde Lori Girrard, to the reclusive Charleena Purcell, to John Grey and his perculiar interests to Tino Balducci, the arrogant detective , each character played a vital part in the game and held vital information too.

    The Graphics:
    The graphics in Last Train to Blue Moon Cnayon were very high quality. Each carrige in the train was decorated intericately and thoughtfully, likewise for Copper Gorge and Jakes Mine.

    The Ending:
    An ending can almost make or break a Nancy Drew game. The ending of the=is game had to be by far one of my absolute favourites ! I wont give it away, but the creative escape was exciting and fun, something out of the ordinary too.
    Unfortunately, it was a little see-through as to who the culprit was. The motive was weak, and there were many clues towards the end as to who the culprit was.

    There wasnt too many extras in this game, but working at the diner as Frank Hardy was a clever idea.

    Overall, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon is an enticing and exciting Nancy Drew adventure, one that I would definetly recommend if you are looking for a Nancy Drew thats a little bit different.

    Detective Mouse.

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    Great review! I really like this game!