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"All Aboard!" A Review of TRN!

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  • "All Aboard!" A Review of TRN!

    Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my review of Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon! I promise to be completely honest, have good judgement, and keep my pledge to be spoiler-free! Enjoy!

    The Plot- 8/10
    Off to Colorado! Nancy must find the lost treasure that Jake Hurley supposedly hid among the mountains of Blue Moon Canyon. With a stop to Copper Gorge along the way providing tons of clues, will Nancy discover the truth? The plot was very creative, but I, for one, am getting a little tired of 'hidden treasure' plots.

    The Characters- 9.5/10
    Basically, in this game, you get to meet and speak with a ghost hunter, police detective with an oversized ego, pretty quiet novel author from another game, and a celebrity- also, for the first time, The Hardy Boys! There were so many characters in this game, and a variety at that! Awesome Job, HeR!

    The Graphics- 10/10
    As usual, the graphics get a perfect ten! So realistic and placed and moved perfectly! Brilliant work on HeR's part!

    The Setting- 9/10
    Colorado! What a cool setting for a train adventure! Excellent Idea!

    The Puzzles- 9/10
    Wow! There was such a great variety of puzzles! Great game for a puzzle lover! Two issues, however... Maybe a little too many puzzles, and some were a little too difficult to my liking. But, nonetheless, this category deserves a nine!

    So, I enjoyed this game! Although the plot may not have been fully thought out in my opinion, and maybe the puzzles were too hard,'s my final rating!

    9.1 Out Of 10!
    Not Perfect, but a Fabulous Game Nonetheless!

    Well, that concludes my review of TRN! And remember- this is only my opinion, not intended to offend anyone. If you have a different opinion, feel free to share it! I'd love to hear it, so as long as it is polite and civil! I would greatly appreciate any comments and/or suggestions for improvement!

    I'm Going Back In Time! Stay Tuned For
    My CLK Review!
    Tomb of the Lost Queen

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    Great review very helpful, reps given.

    'From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter.Someday I intend reading it.' ~Groucho Marx (My favorite Marx brother)

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