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My Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon Review

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  • My Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon Review

    I highly recommend this game. It's one of my favorites, i enjoy playing it, and you get to see the Hardy Boys. Though the space is limited at first, the Train offers a lot of activities and puzzles that need solving. You get to mess around with everything from mining equipment, to Ghost Hunting Technology to dolls.

    : Ups to this game: You get to see the Hardy Boys; there's like 2 mini-mysteries that contribute to the ultimate mystery

    Downs to this game: You can't play as the Hardy Boys as the case & website suggest, but you get to play "as them" for about five seconds; The puzzles(such as the ones in Jhon Grey's room)that can get a little difficult

    Star Review:

    Take Note: This game has puzzles that need you to take note of tiny details, i suggest you have a pen and paper ready


    I Know That Secrets Can Kill
    I stayed Tuned For Danger
    I have read the Message in a Haunted Mansion
    I have found the Treasure in the Royal Tower
    I have seen the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
    I have rode the Haunted Carousel
    I know the Secret of Shadow Ranch
    I know the Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    I have discovered the Secret of the Old Clock
    I have taken the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
    I have been in Danger By Design
    I caught the Creature of Kapu Cave
    I have discovered the Legend of the Crystal Skull
    I have captured the Phantom of Venice
    I have received a Warning at Waverly.
    I have followed the Trail of the Twister
    I have seen the Shadow at the Water's Edge
    I bore the Captive Curse.
    I have an Alibi in Ashes
    I opened the Tomb of the Lost Queen
    I have fixed the Deadly Device
    I have spoken to the Ghost of Thornton Hall