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  • Best Game BY FAR!

    Howdy everyone!

    I think Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon was the best Nancy Drew case I have solved so far! Treasure in the Royal Tower is right behind it but that's another thread! ;)

    LTBMC was amazing and had great detail and great puzzles! I was extremely pleased with everything!

    What did you think in your personal opinion?!

    Slowly collecting all of the Nancy Drew Games!

    I have...
    ~Ridden the Haunted Carousel
    ~Ridden the Train To Blue Moon Canyon
    ~Seen the Banshee of Castle Malloy
    ~Befriended Isis, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    ~Found the Secret That Killed
    ~Ransom of the Seven Ships
    ~Treasure in the Royal Tower

    Currently Solving...
    ~Danger By Design

    My avatar shows which game I am currently solving!

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    I definitely think that this was one of the greatest games, one of my favorites. The puzzles were pretty good, and there was a great cast of characters, too.
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    Hope everyone's having a great summer!