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A Bump-Set-Spike Game Review: TRN

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  • A Bump-Set-Spike Game Review: TRN

    A Bump-Set-Spike Review

    Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

    Hey! I'm ~MistyMay~ and welcome to my review; A Bump-Set-Spike Review: TRN. I will try to give you a very detailed review, that is un-biased, and spoiler free!

    The areas and grading scales I give are as follows:
    Plot, Setting, Characters, Games/Puzzles, Sound, Snooping/Scariness, The End- I grade using this scale: 1-Served Into the Net 2-Got a Bump 3-Got a Set 4-Attempted Spike 5-You just got spiked!!
    Then I give out 1.) MVC- Most Valuable Character 2.) Best Female Player of the Game 3.) Best Male Player of the Game 4.) How this is ranked compared to other games


    You as Nancy Drew are on a mystery train bound for adventure! Along with the Hardy Boys and a rich socialite Lori Girard you are bound to come across mystery and treasure aboard the train. The goal is to reach Jake Hurley's abandoned mine and are you being haunted by his wife Camille?

    The Instant Replay: I would give this plot a 4, which means Attempted Spike. I really enjoyed this plot and it kept itself exciting, and didn't lack. I thought some parts could have been a little bit more interesting but overall, if you like a more detailed plot this is the game for you.

    The setting takes place mostly on the train. There are different cars you can explore such as the dining car, sleeping car, etc. Later in the game you do get to get off the train and explore some other places in Copper Gourge, Colorado. Being on the train isn't so bad if you continue to have tasks to complete, which in this game, you do.

    The Instant Replay: I liked this setting and would give it a 4, which is Attempted Spike. I enjoyed this setting and thought it was creepy, yet plesant at some parts. If you enjoy having a few places to explore and some creepiness, this is a game for you.


    The characters in this game, for the most part, were pretty well-done. They are all quite full of themselves, except the Hardy Boys, and pretty entertaining.

    Lori Girard: "Whatever you say Natalie! Wealthy socialite and actress. She is in her early 20's about, and is very spoiled. She is quite full of herself and invited Nancy, and the Hardy's as amateur detectives on the trip. She was my favorite character, just because she was the most entertaining.
    Tino Balducci: I'm all about helping people." Rude, very full of himself, and a "detective." Tino is the most full of himself and is constantly being showed up by Nancy which threatens him. He is also a very funny character, and a good choice for this game.
    John Grey: "So, what's up? A ghost-buster type guy. He has his own TV show and is hunting for the ghost of Camille. He tries to get Nancy to believe in ghosts but she doesn't buy it. He is an okay character, not really my favorite but okay.
    Charleena Purcell: "If it's juicy, I want to know about it! The romance novelist, who was in SHA. She is somewhat full of herself in a kind of sneaky way. She is very busy with her book the whole time, which makes her kind of a boring character. She was probably my least favorite.
    Frank & Joe Hardy: The typical Hardy Boys. Kind, cute, and understanding. They help out Nancy quite a bit and also feel angry that Tino is pushing them around! They are a nice edition to the game.

    The Instant Replay: I would give the Characters a 3, which means Got a Set. I just think that some of them were a little boring for me, and there have been characters from other games that I have liked better. Nice, but a little less boring.


    I thought the games and puzzles were very, very, well done! If you enjoy not too challenging tasks, but not so easy you get done in 10 seconds you will enjoy this game. The Games/Puzzles were great because they offered a wide variety of different things. Some where easy some kinda hard. Compared to other games, this would rank for sure in the top 10 if not top 5 for that.

    The Instant Replay: I would give this game a 5, meaning You got spiked!! I really thought these were top of the line quality and with such a wide variety, there is something for everyone!


    As far as the sound goes, it was okay. There really wasn't anything special about it, but it was fine. I thought at some parts, it gets quiet and all you hear is the train rattling on the tracks. I thought there should have been music instead of just noise. But some parts were okay.

    The Instant Replay: I personally think this sound/music wasn't anything special therefore I give it a 2, meaning Got a Bump. This basically means there wasn't anything special about this and I have heard better.


    I thought the snooping in this game was okay. There really wasn't anything to snoop, but at some parts you kind of had to. It really has no snooping. As far as scariness, yes, it is fairly scary. Some parts in it make you jump, but it isn't the scariest game ever. It's probably #7 on my top 10 scariest games. You will still enjoy it and even if you don't like scary games, it really isn't bad and it would be one I would play.

    The Instant Replay: For the Snooping it gets a 2, meaning Got a Bump. There just really wasn't much snooping at all. For scariness I give it a 3, meaning Got a Set. It is fairly scary, but not too bad.

    The Ending

    Well, the ending is definately the most lacking part in this game. I didn't really know what to think, because I was surprised, but like unsure if this was really happening. I was dissapointed with the end, it totally lacked and made sense, yet didn't. If you like a pretty quick ending then you may like this but I thought it lacked a lot.

    The Instant Replay: This is unfortunate, but, I have to give it a 1, meaning Served into the Net. I thought it was the most lacking part in the game, and one of the worst game endings! But still play this game! Everything else about it is really fun!

    The Special Awards

    MVC of the Game (Most Valuable Character)
    Frank & Joe Hardy

    Because they were there for you the most!

    Best Female Player of the Game
    Lori Girard

    For being so entertaining!

    Best Male Character of the Game

    Tino Balducci

    Because he made me laugh!

    Where is this game ranked at?


    I would rank this game #8 on my list!!! Hope you enjoyed my review and keep your eyes posted for more Bump-Set-Spike Reviews!
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