Lori, you are so clever. It was not enough to invite a menagerie of disparate personalities and confine them to a little train. NO...... You had to mix it up for the best sleuth. Fortunately, we gamers know who Nancy is. We are courteous and call her by that name. But... "Whatever!"

For this replay, after an absence of several years from TRN, I wondered about only one thing. Would Charleena's biting put-down turn out to be prophetic? Would Lori ("She is blonde") show any signs of having whatever it takes to be an actress?

After I put the game away, I hoped that other blonde people were not offended by the remark. Many blondes are intelligent, capable, and courteous. Lori does not speak for any or all real blondes, although some real life people of any, all, or no hair traits might have some traits in common with "Miss Girard". Hmm.

While searching the locations, gathering information, playing games, and solving puzzles, I frequently and silently asked, "How much of what these characters say is true, and how much of it bravado? Each of the characters was strong in their determination.

Who was strong enough to pull the emergency brake? Who was strong enough to plot a scheme? Who was strong enough to flip burgers and, simultaneously, to pick up clues?

If I could change one thing about TRN it would be to make the 'Gold Rush' game easier to win. My hand was sore after clicking so many hundreds of times in order to put the game balls into the game board!

If I could change two things about TRN, all the character would return in future games for some purpose or other. They could appear one at a time or as pairs. Lovebirds Tino and Lori? Loud debaters John Grey and Charleena Purcell? Sibling rivals and fellow sleuths Joe and Frank Hardy? Their disagreements and squabbles added a little spark here and there in TRN. What would they to do to liven up a future ND game?