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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • Originally posted by puppyluva1111 View Post
    I liked it a lot... is it just me, or did Frank Hardy look like he was wearing a toupee? lol!:
    No, puppyluva! It's not just you!
    But still, he was way cuter in TRN than in CRE.
    Just solved my first dossier! Summer break and I'm on an ND roll :)


    • I rated it a 9. It's probably my 2nd favorite game. (TRT is my favorite.) It had so many super fun puzzles! There wasn't really a lot of snooping exactly, but you had to look all over the train to figure out my favorite puzzle. The storyline didn't exactly make sense to me, but the amazing characters made up for it. Overall this game was really good!

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      • Great review :) I give Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon a 10/10. It was an amazing game You do have to stay on the train for most of the game, but that wasn't too bad of a problem. The way that all the history and tricks were tied into that train was a wonderful and clever idea. All you needed was in the train, not to mention a quick stop to the cemetery to help wrap up the puzzle.

        And, a visit from the "ghost" was a bit of a surprise also. Definitely made me jump. Even though it's easy to make me jump, I like the scary.suspenseful theme that is woven into the game. The high levels of secrecy are also a plus.

        All the characters are lovable, even Fatima from the Copper Gorge store. Including Frank and Joe Hardy was a plus also. You even get to play as him(sort of) while making burgers in a diner.

        The game is totally worth buying and I highly recommend it. Sorry if this looks more like a review than a reply. I just wanted to add my two cents because this game is one of the jewels in Herinteractive's crown.
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        • I gave it a 7. I really liked that you were on a train, but there were just some parts that I didn't really like.
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          • This is my favorite game. Aside from "Secret of Shadow Ranch". I can't really tell you why it's my favorite, but it is. Maybe it's the handsome guys or the fun tasks to do. WAIT! i forgot: the first game I eer played was TRT so that has to be my first favorite! :)
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            • I loved this game!

              It's one of my favorites. Loved the plot. Loved the graphics. Loved the train. Loved the puzzles. I gave it a 9.

              My only frustration was being stuck for two days, and unable to figure out how to move forward, when I hadn't found the blueprints. Usually, I can find the solution to my problem by reading up on the Hints and Tips Board, but there were so many ways that the game could get "stuck", I had trouble finding the solution on the forum, even though it had been there.

              Wonderful game!



              • I gave it a 6 because it was a pretty good game, but not one of my favorites. I didn't really like the fact that you were on the train for a long time.


                • I didn't like this game so I gave it a 5, the graphics were good, but i just found it boring.


                  • 6. it was fun the first time but extremely boring the second time.
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                    • 5. i agree fun the first time but it gets old.
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                      • I rated this a 10!!! It is my favorite game so far. It seemed so mysterious, solving a mystery on a train and I think made this game a lot better. There was almost always something exciting going on or about to happen. The puzzles were challenging but really fun.

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                        • I gave this game a seven. It was pretty good, but not one of my favorites. The puzzles and characters I thought were really good. There was nothing bad about this game for me, just not a favorite of mine.


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                          • 10 out of 10!!! Loved IT!!! Hardy boys Rule!!!


                            • 9/10

                              i really do like this game a lot....the puzzle are fun and challenging, and i like the story plot....the only thing i dont like is that in order to do the gem stones right, you have to first find out who stole the thermometer, and i had totally forgotten about that, and didnt find that part of the plot really that important


                              • Train

                                I liked this one a lot and I play it a lot but I dont like how easy the very tip top ending was. I thought the almost ending was perfect very challenging. I thought the characters were well thought out and the games were challenging. The taffy game shoud have been much harder...that is a mini game I would love to see again but much faster. This game was a ten except for the easy ending (the real ending not the pre ending cuz that pre-ending rocked)