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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    One of my Favorites!!

    10. This game is one of the best HI has come out with. The beginning was fresh and new, the game was intriguing and fun, the characters were fun to interact with, the music was awesome, and the ending was creative! No complaints on this front and very player-friendly! :)
    Oooh and the Hardy Boys are much cuter here than in CRE.
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      this game was great. a lot better than the last couple. although the ending wasnt very hard after the culprit comes


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        It was ok. The puzzle were KINDA easy. But u will enjoy this wonderful game!
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          One of my most favorite games

          I really love this game. Mostly because I love trains. It wasn't to long or two short.


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            I give it a 6/10...the game overall was really good, but...the ENDING.
            spoilers removed So a let down at the end. Otherwise it was a really-well made game.

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              I gave it a 7.



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                I actually gave this game a 10. I really loved the train, and the mystery was cool. I liked all the characters really, especially Fatima, but I didn't like Lori at all. I think I only talked to her like 1 or 2 times, when I needed too. But overall, it was an excellent game.
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                  I gave it a 9 cool train but the part at the end were not very fun but the very end was. I got lost alot and the
                  kinda freaked me out.
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                    In my opinion, the Hardy Boys did nothing... I did all the work! They just sat there... But overall, the game was pretty good.....
                    I have:
                    Saw that Secrets can Kill
                    Stayed Tuned for Danger
                    Read the Message in a Haunted Mansion
                    Found the Treasure in the Royal Tower
                    Watched the Final Scene
                    Discovered the Secret of the Scarlet Hand
                    Petted the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
                    Rode the Haunted Carousel
                    Played with Danger on Deception Island
                    Learned the Secret of Shadow Ranch
                    Lifted the Curse of Blackmoor Manor
                    Rode the Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon
                    Escaped Danger by Design
                    Tamed the Creature of Kapu Cave
                    Saved the White Wolf of Icicle creek
                    Understood the Legend of the Crystal Skull
                    Caught the Phantom Of Venice
                    Solved the Haunting of Castle Malloy

                    'Cause I'm cool like that.
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                    a JUNIOR Detective??? *poke list*
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                      The game was pretty good.
                      But it was really easy it took me like two hours to beat it.
                      I liked having the Hardy Boys in the game, but they didn't really do anything.
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                        I gave Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon a 10. This game was very fun and different from all of the other Nancy drew Games. I loved all of the puzzles and the ending was very neat and fun. The one thing i would change aabout it would be another culprit. It was pretty obvious throughout the game. But still, great job Herinteractive!
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                          i gave this an 8

                          reasons: i would have wanted to actually be involved with the sleeping cars just like the white wolf of icicle creek

                          i would have wanted to help Tino,John,and Charleena like if they needed help just like when we did the taffy (i ate a piece...shhh)
                          I've discovered the Secret at Shadow Ranch
                          I've solved the Danger on Deception Island
                          I've ridden The Haunted Carousel
                          I've seen The Creature of Kapu Cave
                          I've found the Secret of the Old Clock
                          I've talked to The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek
                          I've stopped the Curse Of Blackmoor Manor
                          I've proved Legend Of The Crystal Skull
                          I caught the Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon
                          I explored The Danger By Design
                          I know secrets Can Kill
                          Ive unlocked The Teasure In the Royal Tower
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                            Weeee Are The Champions Of The World

                            we beat this game soooooooooooooo fast.


                            TRY AND TELL US OTHERWISE.

                            and i think the romance between tino and lori was stupid.
                            but the game was fun.

                            SENIOR DETECTIVE SHOULD BE HARDER! ! !


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                              I thought this game was really fun. I gave it a 9.

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                                10. Amazing plot and detailed history. Very original, and I loved it. (especially the Hardy Boys. )

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